What Martial Arts Does Conor McGregor Use? Discover His Techniques!

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As a professional fighter and former two-division UFC Champion, Conor McGregor has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting and dynamic athletes in combat sports today. His unique style and distinctive techniques have helped him achieve great success both inside and outside of the Octagon.

But just what martial arts does Conor McGregor use? In this article, I will delve into the various fighting styles and techniques that he incorporates into his fighting style, from his background and early training to his current mixed martial arts (MMA) training regimen. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the martial arts that make Conor McGregor a force to be reckoned with.

Key Takeaways

  • Conor McGregor utilizes a variety of martial arts in his fighting style, including boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai.
  • His comprehensive mixed martial arts training regimen helps him hone his skills and stay at the top of his game.
  • Conor McGregor’s unique style and techniques have had a significant impact on the world of martial arts.

Conor McGregor’s Background and Early Training

Conor McGregor, also known as “The Notorious,” is a professional MMA fighter from Ireland. McGregor’s training in martial arts began at the young age of 12 years old when he started boxing. He would later transition into other fighting styles.

During his teenage years, Conor was heavily involved in boxing, eventually winning a Dublin Novice championship. However, he soon realized that his boxing skills alone were not enough to make him stand out in the world of combat sports. This realization led him to explore other fighting styles, including taekwondo, karate, and Capoeira.

McGregor’s passion for martial arts continued to grow, leading him to study the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under John Kavanagh at the Straight Blast Gym in Dublin. This proved to be a pivotal point in his career, as he later claimed his first professional MMA title using his newly acquired grappling skills.

Conor continued to hone his skills in a variety of martial arts, including Muay Thai and kickboxing, and eventually became a two-division champion in MMA.

Conor McGregor’s Early Training in Martial Arts

McGregor started his early training in martial arts with boxing at 12 years old. He was trained by his father, Tony McGregor, and his uncle, Anto McGregor. Conor’s natural talent and dedication to the sport led him to win the Dublin Novice championship. After this early success, Conor began to explore other martial arts and styles, including taekwondo, karate, and Capoeira.

It wasn’t until later in his career that Conor began to focus more heavily on MMA, honing his skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. Today, his unique blend of martial arts and fighting styles makes him one of the most formidable fighters in the world of combat sports.

Conor McGregor’s Fighting Styles

Conor McGregor is a versatile fighter who incorporates various combat styles into his repertoire. His fighting style is a combination of different techniques that he has honed over the years of his martial arts journey.

Conor McGregor’s Boxing Skills

One of McGregor’s most prominent fighting styles is his exceptional boxing skills. He has been boxing since he was twelve years old and has won many competitions over the years. He has knocked out many opponents with his fast and precise punches, which he often combines with his lower-kicks to confuse his opponents.

Conor McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Another essential component of McGregor’s fighting style is his proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has a brown belt in BJJ and has been training for it since 2008. His ground game is exceptional, and he has won many fights by submission.

Conor McGregor’s Muay Thai Techniques

Conor McGregor also utilizes Muay Thai techniques in his striking game. He has employed his strong kicking game to great effect in previous bouts, as well as making good use of his knees and elbows. His kicks are powerful, and he often uses them to target his opponent’s legs.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s fighting style is an eclectic mix of different martial arts techniques. He has a unique approach to fighting that includes many striking and grappling techniques from various combat sports, making him a formidable opponent in the Octagon.

Conor McGregor’s Boxing Skills

Conor McGregor’s outstanding boxing skills have been a key factor in his success in the Octagon. McGregor began boxing at a young age and quickly developed an exceptional technique, eventually earning him a reputation as one of the best strikers in mixed martial arts.

McGregor’s approach to boxing is characterized by his precision, timing, and speed. He is known for his ability to land devastating punches with incredible accuracy, often knocking his opponents out with a single well-placed shot.

One of McGregor’s most unique techniques is his use of the straight left-hand punch, which he throws with incredible power and speed. The punch has become one of his signature moves and has helped him to secure many victories in the Octagon.

McGregor’s boxing skills are not limited to striking, however. He also has a strong defense, using his footwork and head movement to avoid incoming punches and create openings for his own attacks. He is also skilled at clinching, using the position to wear down his opponents and set up strikes.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s boxing skills are an integral component of his fighting style, allowing him to dominate opponents in both striking and clinching exchanges.

Conor McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

One of the most significant aspects of Conor McGregor’s fighting style is his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. McGregor has trained extensively in this grappling art and has even earned a brown belt in the sport. His proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu allows him to efficiently control his opponents on the ground, as he has demonstrated in several of his fights.

McGregor utilizes a combination of Jiu-Jitsu techniques, including sweeps, submissions, and ground-and-pound strikes, to keep his opponents off-balance. His knowledge of the art also allows him to efficiently defend against takedowns and submissions, giving him an advantage in the Octagon.

During his fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 202, McGregor showed the world just how much his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu had improved. He was able to defend against Diaz’s takedowns and submit him in the second round, avenging his earlier loss to Diaz.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu abilities are a crucial component of his fighting style, and he continues to develop and refine his skills in the art.

Conor McGregor’s Muay Thai Techniques

When it comes to striking, Conor McGregor’s use of Muay Thai techniques is second to none. He incorporates a variety of kicks, including the front kick and the roundhouse kick, into his striking game. In fact, his infamous left leg is responsible for some of his most devastating knockouts.

One of the most impressive things about Conor’s Muay Thai techniques is his ability to seamlessly blend them with his boxing skills. He effectively uses punches and kicks in combination, making it difficult for his opponents to anticipate his movements.

Another aspect of Conor’s Muay Thai game that sets him apart is his clinch work. He is particularly adept at using the clinch to control his opponent’s movements and deliver powerful knee strikes.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s proficiency in Muay Thai techniques adds another dimension to his already dangerous striking game. It’s no wonder that his opponents often struggle to keep up with the diverse arsenal of attacks he brings into the Octagon.

Conor McGregor’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training

Conor McGregor’s mixed martial arts training is a comprehensive program that combines various martial arts forms to refine his skills. McGregor’s training includes techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and Taekwondo. His training is essential to his success in the Octagon, enabling him to execute precise and powerful moves that take down his opponents with ease.

During training, Conor McGregor focuses on striking, grappling, and ground game techniques. He spends hours on end perfecting his punches, kicks, and elbows, which he incorporates into his striking arsenal. McGregor also spends significant time on the ground, honing his grappling skills and submission techniques.

McGregor’s MMA training also includes cardio and strength training. He understands that a fighter must be both mentally and physically fit to withstand the rigors of combat sports. Therefore, McGregor incorporates high-intensity interval training, resistance training, and circuit training to build stamina, strength, and agility.

Conor McGregor’s MMA training is a rigorous process that demands discipline, hard work, and perseverance. McGregor works with a team of trainers who help him tailor his training program to suit his specific needs. His team includes world-renowned coaches, nutritionists, and fitness professionals who work together to ensure he is always performing at his best.

Conor McGregor’s Training for Combat Sports

As a professional fighter, Conor McGregor’s training regimen is designed to enhance his skills and physical attributes for optimal performance in the Octagon. McGregor’s training routine is a combination of conditioning, strength training, and immersive combat sports training.

McGregor trains six days a week for several hours each day, with a focus on improving his speed, reflexes, endurance, and power. His training routine includes a variety of exercises such as cardio drills, explosive movement drills, plyometrics, and interval training.

Aside from physical conditioning, Conor McGregor also undergoes extensive mixed martial arts (MMA) training. His training camp includes various MMA techniques such as grappling, wrestling, and striking, and sparring sessions with fellow fighters to simulate real-world competition scenarios.

Moreover, Conor McGregor also incorporates specialized training for combat sports such as boxing and jiu-jitsu. He works with boxing coaches to improve his footwork, punching, and defensive skills, and also drills Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques to enhance his ground game.

Additionally, Conor McGregor’s training program includes nutrition and recovery protocols. He adheres to a strict diet to maintain his weight and ensure that his body is adequately fueled for training and competition. He also emphasizes recovery and rest to prevent injuries and enable his body to recover faster.

In conclusion, Conor McGregor’s training for combat sports is a comprehensive regimen designed to improve his physical fitness, MMA techniques, and specialist skills in boxing and jiu-jitsu. His commitment to training and constant improvement has played a significant role in his success as a professional fighter.

Conor McGregor’s Unique Style and Techniques

One of the things that makes Conor McGregor stand out in the world of martial arts is his unique fighting style. McGregor’s style is a combination of various techniques from different martial arts, which he has blended together over the years to create his signature style.

One of the most notable aspects of McGregor’s fighting style is his footwork. McGregor’s footwork is incredibly fast and dynamic, giving him the ability to move in and out of range and change angles quickly. This footwork allows him to create openings for strikes and avoid his opponents’ attacks.

McGregor is also known for his precise and powerful striking abilities. His punches and kicks are lightning-fast and pack a serious punch. He is particularly skilled in using his left hand, which he has used to knock out many opponents. McGregor’s striking ability is a result of his training in various martial arts, including boxing and Muay Thai.

Another key aspect of McGregor’s style is his grappling ability, particularly in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. McGregor’s grappling skills allow him to take down opponents and control them on the ground. He is known for his ability to move seamlessly between striking and grappling, keeping his opponents guessing and off-balance.

McGregor’s ability to switch between fighting styles is another aspect of his unique style. He is equally comfortable striking on the feet as he is grappling on the ground, and he seamlessly transitions between the two. This versatility makes him a challenging opponent for anyone.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s unique style and techniques have earned him a reputation as one of the best fighters in the world of martial arts. His ability to blend various techniques from different martial arts into his own style has set him apart from his peers and made him a force to be reckoned with in the Octagon.

Conor McGregor’s Impact on the World of Martial Arts

Conor McGregor’s impact on the world of martial arts is undeniable. His rise to fame and success has brought a new level of attention to combat sports and has inspired a new generation of fighters.

As a charismatic and outspoken personality, McGregor has brought mainstream attention to the sport of mixed martial arts and has become a household name in the process. He has drawn fans from all over the world and has sold out arenas across multiple continents.

McGregor’s unique fighting style, which incorporates techniques from multiple martial arts disciplines, has also made an impact on the sport. His success has inspired other fighters to adopt a more well-rounded approach to their training, incorporating striking, grappling, and wrestling techniques into their arsenal.

In addition to his impact on the sport itself, McGregor has also influenced the fashion and entertainment industries. He has become a style icon, known for his sharp suits and unique fashion sense.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s impact on the world of martial arts has been immense. His success has brought a new level of attention to the sport and has inspired a new generation of fighters to pursue their dreams and hone their craft.

The Evolution of Conor McGregor’s Martial Arts

Conor McGregor’s martial arts skills have evolved significantly throughout his career. When he first started training in MMA, he relied heavily on his striking abilities, particularly his boxing skills. He quickly gained recognition for his powerful left hand, which he used to knock out many of his opponents in the early stages of his career.

As McGregor continued to develop as a fighter, he added new techniques to his arsenal, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. He began to incorporate these styles into his fights, demonstrating a more well-rounded approach to the sport.

One of the most significant turning points in McGregor’s evolution as a fighter came in his rematch with Nate Diaz. After losing their first fight, McGregor worked tirelessly to improve his ground game, knowing that Diaz was a skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. In the rematch, McGregor demonstrated his improved grappling skills, successfully defending against Diaz’s takedown attempts and dominating on the ground.

More recently, McGregor has continued to refine his skills, incorporating new techniques and strategies into his fighting style. His recent bout with Donald Cerrone showcased his ability to use shoulder strikes and other unorthodox techniques to great effect.

Overall, Conor McGregor’s evolution as a martial artist is a testament to his dedication and hard work. He has shown a willingness to learn and adapt, incorporating new styles and techniques into his fighting style to stay ahead of his opponents.


In conclusion, Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the most skilled mixed martial artists in the world, thanks to his extensive training in multiple martial arts disciplines. From his early days training in boxing and kickboxing to his proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, McGregor has developed a style that is both unique and effective.

Throughout his career, McGregor has continued to evolve and improve his skills, constantly refining his techniques and adapting to new opponents. His hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off in the form of numerous victories and championship titles.

But McGregor’s impact on the world of martial arts goes beyond his impressive skills and accomplishments. His charisma and showmanship have helped to bring MMA into the mainstream, attracting new fans and inspiring a new generation of fighters.

In the end, McGregor’s success is a testament to the power of martial arts training and the importance of discipline, dedication, and hard work. Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or just starting out, there’s no doubt that we can all learn something from Conor McGregor’s approach to martial arts.


Q: What martial arts does Conor McGregor use?

A: Conor McGregor utilizes a combination of different martial arts techniques in his fighting style.

Q: What is Conor McGregor’s background and early training?

A: Conor McGregor has a background in various martial arts disciplines and started training at a young age.

Q: What fighting styles does Conor McGregor incorporate?

A: Conor McGregor incorporates a range of fighting styles, including boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai, among others.

Q: How skilled is Conor McGregor in boxing?

A: Conor McGregor is known for his impressive boxing skills, which contribute to his success in the Octagon.

Q: How proficient is Conor McGregor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

A: Conor McGregor has a strong foundation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which enhances his ground game.

Q: Does Conor McGregor utilize Muay Thai techniques?

A: Yes, Conor McGregor incorporates Muay Thai techniques into his striking game.

Q: What kind of mixed martial arts training does Conor McGregor undergo?

A: Conor McGregor undergoes comprehensive mixed martial arts training to enhance his skills.

Q: How does Conor McGregor train for combat sports?

A: Conor McGregor follows specific training methods designed for combat sports.

Q: What sets Conor McGregor’s style and techniques apart?

A: Conor McGregor has a unique fighting style and utilizes techniques that distinguish him from other fighters.

Q: What impact has Conor McGregor had on the world of martial arts?

A: Conor McGregor has made a significant impact on the popularity of martial arts through his contributions and success.

Q: How have Conor McGregor’s martial arts skills evolved over time?

A: Conor McGregor’s martial arts skills have evolved throughout his career, adapting to different opponents and challenges.