27+ Best UFC OnlyFans Profiles

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The last few years have been difficult for people all around the world, and fighters have been no exception to that.

Because of it, many mixed martial arts fighters are expanding their earning potential by using their fame and fanbase to earn extra income. And I can’t blame them!

In this article, I will tell you about some of the best MMA & UFC OnlyFans accounts available. You can pay to join their memberships and get private content in your inbox.

You might be surprised about the names you’ll see on this list, as many professional fighters are moving to the platform every month.

Why are more UFC fighters joining OnlyFans?

As world events have put pressure on public events being held, many fight promotions had to shut down temporarily and still haven’t fully recovered.

It’s pushed more fighters to make ends meet by using their profile to earn money through this fan-based subscription on the OnlyFans website.

Fights simply aren’t running as much anymore. Only a few of the major promotions, such as the UFC, are running a consistent schedule of fights.

But closer to the bottom end of the talent pool, the smaller promotions aren’t running as many fights or canceling many due to a wide mix of issues.

Some fighters can’t get out of their country, or to the country they want to go to, to be able to fight. Sometimes promotions are just canceling events altogether. It’s hard times out there. And when there are hard times, people have to find new ways to continue earning an income.

Subscription services like OnlyFans offer creators a unique opportunity to earn money whilst establishing a community of their biggest fans.

Best UFC OnlyFans: Female Fighters & WMMA

Many female mixed martial artists are finding new ways to capitalize on their popularity.

By making a name for themselves in the sport, they’re able to create a platform and fanbase that they can direct into unique products and services of their own.

One of the many ways women MMA fighters are doing this is using their unique mix of beauty, strength, and skill to appeal to a niche audience of strong female supporters.

I say, all power to them! Let’s take a look at some of the best UFC OnlyFans profiles out there.

Felice Herrig

Felice “Lil’ Bulldog” Herrig is an American UFC fighter in the Strawweight division, standing 5’4″ tall.

Felice decided to join the UFC OnlyFans roster as a way to make some more money on the side as double knee surgeries pressured her financially.

Not only has Felice been a competitor in the octagon, but she has also taken her personal experiences and talents to create her own children’s book: The Lil’ Bulldog, Lemons into Lemonade. In the book, the stories remind young fans of the sport that despite setbacks in life, victory is found on the other side of determination and a positive attitude. The Lil’ Bulldog’s book is available on Amazon:

Felice has struggled to get back into the cage due to repeated injuries, the costs of which might have also encouraged her to maximize her social platform by being very active on Instagram and earn money through her own OnlyFans subscription.

Felice Herrig socials and OnlyFans links:

Pearl Gonzalez

Pearlmelia Marie Keyser Gonzalez is a professional mixed martial artist who has performed in the UFC and currently fights in the Invicta FC promotion.

Pearl is another fighter, like Paige VanZant, who uses the FanTime custom platform for her own website, but again it is highly similar to the OnlyFans model and that’s why it’s also included here.

Pearl Gonzalez is 5’4″ (162cm) in height and has fought in both Flyweight and Strawweight divisions.

Also known as “The Chi-Town Princess”, Gonzalez had a popular weigh-in for Invicta FC 37 as she entered looking like a warrior princess:

Pearl is a force on social media with a strong presence across Twitter, Instagram, and even SnapChat. She runs her very own FanTime subscription through her website and even has her own online store.

Pearl Gonzalez is on FanTime (an OnlyFans alternative), links:

Loba Acosta

Lucero “La Loba” Acosta is an American flyweight MMA fighter. She has most recently fought in Combate Americas and Combate Global, fighting out of the Team United Training Center.

La Loba is 5’6″ tall (167 cm) and from what I’ve seen so far of her she has a pretty plant footed boxing stance and can take people to the ground and beat them there:

Loba Acosta is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are listed:

Rachael Ostovich

Rachael is a professional mixed martial artist, fighting in the UFC’s Flyweight division. She stands 5’3 (160cm) tall.

Rachael has a very popular Instagram account, where she posts about a mix of her lifestyle, fitness and training efforts, and fashion.

She also runs her own online store called “Chi Chi Beauty” where she sells personal merchandise like calendars and postcards, as well as beauty products like vegan lip gloss.

Rachael now has her very own OnlyFans alternative as she uses the FanTime platform to run her private subscription through her own website!

Rachael is such a staple in the UFC that she even has her own Tops Trading Card, available on Amazon:

Rachael Ostovich is on FanTime (an OnlyFans alternative), her link and all socials below:

Katharina Lehner

Katharina is a professional fighter from Frankfurt, Germany, competing in the Invicta FC promotion. She’s also a contestant for The Ultimate Fighter Season 28.

Lehner is 5’6″ (167cm) and currently fighting in the Featherweight division.

In 2018, she fought Sarah Kaufman for the Invicta Bantamweight title after going on an impressive 7-fight win streak.

Katharina is very active on her Instagram profile and runs two UFC OnlyFans profiles simultaneously. One is a “free” version and another for her VIP members.

Katharina Lehner is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are listed:

Kyra Batara

Also known as “Mogwai”, Kyra Batara is a professional MMA fighter who most recently fought under the Combate Americas (CAMMA) promotion.

Kyra is a tiny 4’11” (150 cm) in height with a 61″ reach, fighting under Strawweight weight class. She’s very active on social media sharing a lot of goings-on in her personal life, using Instagram and Twitter to full advantage to bring in more viewers to her OnlyFans – and it’s working!

Kyra “Mogwai” is very active on her social platforms on Instagram, Twitter, and her members’ area in her OnlyFans profile.

Kyra Batara is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are here:

Valerie Loureda

Valerie “Master” Loureda is an up-and-coming all-American mixed martial artist. She began her professional career fighting in the Bellator promotion and was undefeated in her first 3 fights, 2 of which were knockout wins.

Valerie fights in the Flyweight division at 5’4″ (162 cm) tall. By her own description, “Master” is an Olympic-style Taekwondo fighter so her specialty is all in her kicks. Even though so far her KOs have come from mostly punches so she can certainly throw a good strike up top, too.

Her brand is already skyrocketing with sponsorships from Monster Energy and Vital Proteins. It looks like she’s under some pretty smart brand management which is really maximizing her potential so far across fighting and with her public image.

Valerie seems to be really active across many networks such as Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and even provides custom messages to fans on Cameo for special events like a birthday wish.

Valerie doesn’t have an OnlyFans account, but she has taken control of her brand like others on this list with a FanTime account and has her own exclusive members subscription.

Valerie Loureda is on FanTime (an OnlyFans alternative), her link and all socials are below:

Jessica Penne

Jessica is an American fighter who has competed in Bellator, Invicta FC, and the UFC.

She’s 5’5″ (166 cm) in height with a 67.0″ (170 cm) reach, competing in the Strawweight class. But she was also the first Atomweight Champion inside the Invicta FC promotion.

She was featured in Season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter TV show, where she progressed well under Anthony Pettis’ team until she lost to her fellow teammate in the semifinals.

Penne hasn’t had a professional bout in recent years, so she is unranked. But she still looks to be an active MMA practitioner and of course is now earning an income from her platform on OnlyFans. She also remains active on her Instagram profile.

Jessica Penne is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are listed:

Bec Rawlings

Rebecca (or “Bec”) “Rowdy” Rawlings is an Australian mixed martial artist currently competing in the flyweight class of Bellator.

She is 5’6″ (168 cm) tall with a 64.5″ (164 cm) reach.

Bec has also competed in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships, just check out her slick striking skills in this performance:

“Rowdy” has an active Twitter and Instagram account and is of course providing subscriber-only content to her UFC OnlyFans posse.

Bec is one of the best MMA OnlyFans for this list if you enjoy a punk-looking chick who is great at punching people in the face!

Bec Rawlings is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Barb Honchak

Barb “Little Warrior” Honchak is an American fighter and holds the proud title of being the first Flyweight Champion for the Invicta FC promotion.

“Little Warrior” has also competed for The Ultimate Fighter TV show in season 26, as well as two fights in the UFC before being released.

Barb is 5’4″ (163 cm) in height with a 66.0″ (168 cm) reach.

Barb is a veteran of the fight game and now is a personal trainer. She is active on her Instagram and OnlyFans profile.

Barb Honchak is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Tai Emery

Tai is a somewhat amateur MMA fighter but has had two registered bouts in the National Fighting Championship with disappointing results (one draw, one loss).

But that hasn’t stopped Tai from using the platform she has created for herself and put it to good use.

Previously Tai has been best known as a defensive football player in the Legends Football League (formerly known as Lingerie Football League).

She is now a Lingerie Fighting Championship prospect (yep, you read that correctly).

Tai has tried many things in her career, starting her sports career in football and now moving into using her physical power to move into mixed martial arts. She’s also a model on the side.

She’s probably one of the best MMA OnlyFans on this list and I’m sure you’d agree. Tai is very active on both her Instagram and OnlyFans profiles where she regularly posts.

Tai Emery is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Hannah Goldy

Hannah “24k” Goldy is an American mum, wife, and MMA fighter. She has fought in the Contender Series and the UFC.

Hannah is 5’4″ (163 cm) tall with a 61.0″ (155 cm) reach.

Hannah shares content quite often through her Instagram. And she’s also offering more content to super fans via OnlyFans.

Hannah Goldy is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are here:

Pati Fontes

Patricia “Pati” Fontes is a professional BJJ grappler. She’s been a 3-time No-Gi champion competing at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJFF for short!).

In recent years, though, she has had several losses in a row.

But this doesn’t stop Pati, she runs her own BJJ school and is a successful influencer via her personal Instagram.

You can find her on OnlyFans where she promotes her daily content and chats with exclusive insight into her life.

Pati Fontes is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are here:

Cindy Dandois

Cindy “Battlecat” Dandois has an inspiring story about her route to OnlyFans.

Cindy is best known for fighting in the Professional Fighters League. But she has also competed in other promotions such as the UFC and Invicta FC.

“Battlecat” is 5’7″ (171 cm) tall with a 70.0″ (178 cm) reach.

She is also Head Coach for the Battle Beasts MMA center. But sadly due to recent events across the globe, she was forced to shut her gym with no income and no support from the government to keep her business afloat.

So Cindy took matters into her own hands and launched her OnlyFans to bring in cash and get her business running again.

All I can say is props to Cindy for taking things into her own hands and trying to keep her gym open and give every young fighter a chance to keep practicing and growing.

Cindy is active on her Twitter and Instagram. As well as using her platform to bring money in to support her goals through her OnlyFans.

Cindy Dandois is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Paige VanZant

Paige is one of the most famous Instagram accounts on this list, well known all over the world as she has amassed millions of followers.

Paige was one of the original fighters of the then newly introduced Strawweight division in the UFC back in December 2013. But in August 2020, she moved to Bare Knuckle FC under an exclusive contract.

Also known as “12 Gauge”, Paige is 5’4″ (162cm) tall.

In 2018, Paige released her own memoir about her life experiences of being knocked down suffering a life-threatening situation, and coming back swinging and thriving. Fighting became Paige’s safety and a reason to live and fight by transforming her pain into power. The memoir is available on Kindle, Audiobook, and Hardcover on Amazon:

Paige doesn’t have an actual OnlyFans profile, but her very own fan website that has a similar subscription model, using instead a custom platform called FanTime.

Pay a monthly fee and you’ll get access to her content archive and new regular content from her. Paige has proven herself to be a tidal wave with fans across the globe supporting her content.

Paige VanZant is on FanTime (an OnlyFans alternative), her link and all socials are below:

Emily Whitmire

Emily “Spitfire” Whitmire is an American fighter in the UFC promotion.

She’s fights in Strawweight division, is 5’5″ (165cm) tall with a 63″ (160cm) reach. Training out of the Syndicate MMA team in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Emily has a pretty active Instagram and is interacting even more with her fans on OnlyFans.

Emily Whitmire is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are listed:

Jade Masson-Wong

Jade “Evil Smile” Masson hails from the French-Canadian land of Québec, Canada.

Jade fights in the Flyweight division of the Battlefield Fight League (BFL) in Canada.

She is 5’4″ (163cm) tall with a 63″ (160cm) reach and fights with a traditional kickboxing style.

Jade has a love of tattoos, piercings animals, and even photography as she enjoys creating her own grunge self-portraits.

Masson has an active fighting and personal Instagram as well as her OnlyFans for a more personal look into her life.

Jade Masson-Wong is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Emma Matia

Emma has a strong commitment to her wrestling training.

Emma “Thug Panda” Matia is a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling competitor.

Her “Thug Panda” nickname originally started as a joke. After reading a surfer friend’s Facebook post about a story of a guy who asked to be called “Thug Panda” and her friend proclaimed how strange it was. Emma thought it was a funny story and asked “Would you call me thug panda?”

Later, her instructor mentions that she should put her name on her Gi for competitions. They joked to add “#ThugPanda” onto the Gi and it was embroidered into it. Since that occasion, everyone then calls Emma “Thug” or “Thug Panda”.

The nickname seemed to fit well because she also spent a lot of time rolling on the mat like a Panda. The nickname has stuck and fits her well since!

Thug Panda was also interviewed on The JB Podcast in which she talks about a variety of things like preparing for a competition and managing her diet and lifestyle to be at the optimum for the fight.

Thug Panda has been gaining a lot of popularity in online communities with her growing Instagram content and TikTok profile as she’s very active on both. She shares even more special content for her fans via OnlyFans, too.

Emma Mattia is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Meaghan Penning

Meaghan is a fresh pro Strawweight fighter in the Invicta FC promotion.

Meaghan recently added herself to the OnlyFans roster, on top of her popular Instagram profile where she shares her photoshoots and insights into her daily life through stories.

Her social and OnlyFans links:

Kay Hansen

Kay is a professional UFC fighter and has previously fought in Invicta FC. She’s 5’2″ (157 cm) tall and competes in the Strawweight division.

She’s fighting out of Fullerton, California, and affiliated with Classic Fight Team, a striking academy in Orange County, and in the past also with the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Buena Park gym.

Kay recently joined the OnlyFans roster to earn extra cash to help her living costs and training to become a top-level UFC fighter.

In Kay’s debut in the UFC, even Ronda Rousey gave her props for her armbar and nerves of steel.

Kay Hansen is on OnlyFans and other socials:

Ariane Lipski

Ariane “Queen Of Violence” Lipski has recently set up an OnlyFans account, but we can’t be sure if she actually plans to make use of it, yet.

Ariana is 5’6″ tall and fights primarily in the Flyweight division under American Top Team.

She entered the UFC in 2019 and has had a fair record since then, with some wins but also some losses. It seems she’s still finding her feet.

In the past, she fought at other promotions like KSW and Imortal FC, and SHC.

Best UFC Ring Girls on OnlyFans

For every fight night and UFC event, there’s always bound to be some ring girls beside the octagon helping us out with important round information.

We need something to break up the utter violence taking place! And that’s where the ring girls provide us with some contrast.

Arianny Celeste

If you’re an avid fan of watching the UFC at the weekend, then you’ve probably seen Arianny before.

She’s a famous UFC ring girl and one that is probably most well known for her admiration of The Demolition Man, Alistair Overeem, in this video:

She is of course more than just a ring girl for the UFC. A proud Latin entrepreneur, who has had an extensive modeling career and has featured in various significant magazines like Maxim, FHM, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated.

She’s recently a new mum to her son, Raiden. She is also a co-host for the TV Show Overhaulin’ and a highly successful independent model.

She’s even tried her hand at becoming a pop star, releasing a single “Zoo” in 2018 through Upscale Records.

Arianny runs her OnlyFans profile which can be subscribed to for free, with paid options for additional content.

Arianny Celeste is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Brittney Palmer

Brittney is another famous UFC ring-girl. She is an American model who has been awarded Ringcard Girl of the Year in 2012, 2013, and again in 2019.

But more than that, Brittney has an artistic side and enjoys practicing painting and design, and selling her own work online.

In early 2020, Brittney started her own YouTube channel and invited fellow UFC ring girl and OnlyFans creator, Arianny Celeste, to join her in creating content like this helicopter ride photoshoot:

Brittney has also participated in many other shoots with fellow UFC ring-girls, including on magazine covers like this collectors issue of Maxim:

Brittney has an OnlyFans profile which is free to subscribe to but includes paid options for additional content.

Brittney Palmer is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are below:

Brookliyn Wren

Another fan favorite of the UFC ring (or should I say octagon?) girls is Brookliyn. She joined the UFC roster in 2018.

Brookliyn has been ring-side for huge UFC events in her time so far. In this photo above, you can see her wearing the staple UFC sports bra at an official fight night.

Including Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone in 2020 and even more notably Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Conor vs Khabib event for UFC 229 was infamous as fights broke out around the ring whilst Brookliyn was stuck in the middle, which she talks about in this short interview:

In her own right, Brookliyn has been a successful model under Envy Models management. She’s an avid book reader and has a passion for dance.

Brookliyn posts regularly on her popular Instagram account and now through her OnlyFans profile, free to subscribe to, but with paid options for more content.

Brookliyn Wren is on OnlyFans, her link and all socials are listed here:

Camila Oliveira

Camila is another UFC ring girl from Brazil. A self-made model, actress, and online entrepreneur through her own website.

Camila is active in the UFC such as recently showing the scores at the Chiesa vs Magny Fight Night on Fight Island, Abu Dhabi.

I’ve added Camila onto this list, even though she doesn’t actually have an OnlyFans account. But taking the opportunity into her own hands, she has her own website which offers a very similar format.

You can join her VIP membership subscription to get access to more content. Camila is also very active on Instagram, too.

Camila Oliveira has her own VIP membership (an OnlyFans alternative), her link and all socials are right here:

Best UFC OnlyFans: Men Fighters

Yes, that’s right. Even male mixed martial artists are flocking over to OnlyFans as a way to create a membership platform for their fanbase.

In this day and age, creators of all kinds are using the platform for connecting with their audience. Not just female fighters and ring girls, but the men as well.

Here are some of the top MMA fighters out there that are running their very own OnlyFans.

Israel Adesanya

One of the greatest middleweight fighters of our time surprised everyone when he announced recently that he had set up an OnlyFans page.

He then joked on Twitter about how his fans can explain their OnlyFans use to their wives:

Fighters say some of the funniest things, you just gotta love a good quote from a clown martial artist like Israel.

It comes at an interesting time for Israel when he’s at the peak of his career it seems to me that he is taking an innovative step in trying to capture and monetize his own fan base.

An MMA fighter’s career won’t last indefinitely but his fanbase could live on for the rest of his life.

Fans often want to see more of their hero and OnlyFans is providing the most well-known solution for this partnership to happen.

Stylebender has said that he’ll be using his OnlyFans page to post more about his inner world including personal videos and photos never shared before, fight breakdowns from his view, and more.

Izzy’s links are below:

Diego Sanchez

Diego is one of the best-known veterans of the sport and is particularly popular in the UFC.

In late 2020, Diego let it be known that he’s giving exclusive looks behind the scenes into his life and practice of his career:

He also plans to be sharing his insight about the School of Self-Awareness from his teachings from coach Joshua Fabia. Joshua isn’t your ordinary kind of coach you might expect in MMA, as his teachings have been questioned as controversial and “cult-like”.

He is down to his last fight on his contract with the UFC, after which most expect he will likely retire.

But there are sure to be some valuable lessons to get from Diego, who has been a long-standing member of the fight game.

Diego’s social and OnlyFans links right here:

They don’t have an OnlyFans, but we wish they did

There are a number of strong and beautiful fighters and ring girls in MMA but a lot of them don’t have an OnlyFans.

So I’m going to list some here that I’m sure you might be hoping they do.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Joanna is one of the most well-known and greatest female fighters in the UFC.

She became top of the fight news for her fight against Weili Zhang where she developed a significant swelling on her forehead but still finished the fight and is now widely considered one of the greatest fights in women’s MMA history.

Joanna is so ingrained into the UFC and MMA sport overall, that she even has her very own bobblehead:

How do you pronounce Jedrzejczyk?

Joanna’s surname, Jedrzejczyk, is pronounced Yed-Zhey-Chik. Joanna’s name and origin is Poland. Sometimes she is nicknamed “JJ” for short or “Joanna Champion” due to her success as the first female Polish champion in the UFC.

What is Joanna Jedrzejczyk net worth?

Joanna has had a successful professional MMA career as well as sponsorship deals. Joanna is said to have a net worth of approximately $5 million USD.

Who did Joanna lose the belt to?

In her professional fighting career, Joanna went on a 15-fight win streak between her first fight in 2009 until 2017 where she suffered her first pro-MMA loss to the expert striker Rose Namajunas and lost her championship belt.

A total of 8 of those fights in her longest win streak were also fought in the UFC, considered the highest competition in the sport.

From Joanna’s amazing career as a fighter, she has amassed a huge Instagram following with her brand. She also has a Facebook page and Twitter profile.

She doesn’t have an OnlyFans likely because she already has a very powerful platform and a variety of sponsorship deals in place with the likes of Puma, Monster Energy, and 4 Swiss.

Red Dela Cruz

Red is a Filipina-Australian data worker who moonlights as a UFC ring girl. She’s been active on the round cards for the UFC over on Fight Island, Abu Dhabi recently.

Red Dela Cruz doesn’t have an OnlyFans profile at this time. But she is an active social media influencer with a hugely popular Facebook fan page, as well as Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Red even has her very own active Reddit community fanbase, and her own website. She’s truly expanding her reach!

Chrissy Blair

Chrissy has been an active ring girl for MMA for a long time, she’s what you might consider a pro in the sport of ring-girling as she has been in the UFC since 2013.

Chrissy is a model and businesswoman as a co-founder of her beauty products brand Kalumi Beauty.

She doesn’t have an OnlyFans profile, but she does give customized shoutouts by request through her Cameo profile. Chrissy also is active across Instagram, Twitter, and even Tumblr.

Lindsey VanZandt

Lindsey “Damsel” VanZandt is a pro-MMA fighter from the USA who has fought in both Bellator and Invicta FC.

Damsel fights in the Atomweight divison, standing 5’2″ (157cm) tall with a 64″ (163cm) reach.

Lindsey has a Twitter profile but is most active on her Instagram account. She doesn’t have an OnlyFans profile but posts a mix of photoshoots, videos, and photos of her at the gym and insights into her daily life on social media.

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate, also known as “Cupcake”, is an MMA fighter specializing in her ground game and submissions. She fights in the Bantamweight division of the UFC, at 5’6″ (168cm) tall.

Miesha has been in a relationship with her partner Johnny Nuñez, a fellow MMA fighter, since 2018.

Tate is known as one of the veterans of women’s MMA and was even one of the main reasons that Dana White decided the UFC needed more weight divisions because of her fight against Ronda Rousey in 2012.

Miesha has also had many other fights against notable female fighters like Holly Holm, Jessica Eye (also in this OnlyFans list), and Amanda Nunes.

Like another female fighter on this list, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Miesha also has her very own UFC bobblehead:

Most recently, Tate won against Marion Reneau on her return to the UFC after a 5-year hiatus.

“Cupcake” has a highly popular Instagram account with over 2 million followers. Whilst she doesn’t have an OnlyFans profile, she does provide fan messages on her Cameo profile.


So there you have it, these are some of the best UFC OnlyFans profiles out there at the moment.

If you’re a fan of any of these people as fighters, models, or influencers – now is a great time to show your support if you can and subscribe to their content.

I say support anyone trying to make a hustle out of what they have to offer. As you can see from this list, many of them are multi-talented and entrepreneurial. And you just gotta admire that!