ONX Sports: The New Era for MMA Equipment?

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You likely came across ONX Sports as they are Trevor Wittman’s brand behind the “New Era” MMA glove and X-Factor training/boxing glove.

If you wanted to learn more about the ONX Sports brand, then keep reading as I’ll tell you what you need to know!

What is ONX Sports?

ONX Sports was founded by Trevor Wittman in 2015 after having experience producing training equipment for his fighters whilst running the Grudge Training Center. Now ONX Sports focuses on manufacturing the most protective and performance-enhancing training gloves on the market.

What do ONX Sports sell?

ONX Sports sell a range of MMA protective equipment for fight training. They currently sell premium grade training gloves, shin guards, headgear, and apparel such as t-shirts and caps.

Most of ONX Sports’ focus is on promoting their flagship product, the X-Factor training glove.

Trevor Wittman designed these products from his experience as a coach and having to deal with fighters’ injuries leading up to fights on a regular basis. He’s also been developing his own MMA fight glove that he hopes someday will make it to the UFC.

Can I trust ONX Sports?

In the grand scheme of everything, ONX Sports is still pretty new on the market for MMA protective equipment. They are competing with some of the biggest brands in the world who offer a wide range of products.

Think of the likes of Adidas and Everlast, these are huge corporation brands whose product lines spread across everything to do with sports. Whether it’s apparel or even right down to specialized glove mitts for boxing training, they have a lot of weight behind them to support creating competing products in almost any sports market.

But this is where ONX is different and even niche in itself. They offer highly specialized products for professional fighters or those who wish to have (and can afford) the same quality as them.

If anything, ONX Sports is a bit like a boutique that offers customizable products such as stitching your name into your own pair of gloves, which many other huge brands can’t really compare with.

If you really want to understand whether you can trust ONX Sports for your MMA equipment, then I’d suggest you read the many online reviews that have overwhelmingly positive reviews about their products.

In particular, the ONX Sports X-Factor boxing glove is their leading product and it is becoming clear why. Fighters who train frequently and care a lot about the sport grab a pair of these gloves and are shocked at the difference.

I might sound like I’m one of the sales reps for ONX already, but from what I’ve read it’s pretty clear out there the difference in their products. Attention to the small details and the needs of fighters is paying off for them.