What Happened To MMA Warehouse?

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MMAWarehouse was one of the most popular mixed martial arts brands in the world, but it has been reported that they are no longer in business. So What happened to MMAWarehouse?

MMA Warehouse closed its business in 2019 and rebranded into a new combat sports brand called Hypnotik. They now specialize in fight gear for BJJ Gi and No-Gi training. They plan to expand their offering with partners to offer quality fight gear at a great price.

In this article, I’ll tell you more about the MMAWarehouse brand’s history, more detail about why they closed, and what they do now.

The History of MMA Warehouse

MMAWarehouse was founded in 2004 and became well-known for its unique online retail experience, quality products, and making its customers happy with great customer service.

MMAWarehouse was one of the very early online brands to provide equipment for fighting and particularly BJJ Gi and No-Gi. For many customers, MMAWarehouse provided exactly what BJJ practitioners were looking to purchase.

In 2013 MMAWarehouse received the Circle of Excellence award from Bizrate and in 2014 they earned the Platinum Circle of Excellence. Their level of care for their customer seemed to shine through their services.

What brands did MMAWarehouse sell?

The MMAWarehouse website would sell a variety of equipment back in its heydays like the training bag, boxing gloves, and even accessories – from a variety of well-known brands like:

  • American Fighter
  • Fuji
  • Hayabusa
  • RVCA
  • UFC
  • Combat Sports
  • DiamondMMA (they make high-grade groin cups)

And MMAWarehouse did sell from a wide range of other brands on the website, too, it seems they were able to sign a lot of deals with other companies and brands in the fighting world to be able to create an array of customers offerings.

Why customers loved MMAWarehouse

MMAWarehouse did a great job at helping their customers to feel satisfied with their website.

One of the ways MMAWarehouse did this was by providing a FightCash rewards program. In this program, customers could earn points for making a purchase and then use those points to save money on future purchases. It was a pretty smart idea to bring in more brand loyalty and a good reason to have an account on their website.

This FightCash rewards program makes a lot of sense to me, as I know I’d be a much happier customer if there were more services like this for me to save some money off future purchases. I’m buying fight accessories anyway, so I should be able to get some money off if I’m getting it all from one website.

The team at MMAWarehouse also had a pretty generous returns policy whilst they were active. But now, if you still have MMAWarehouse products then you’re unlikely to be able to get any refunds for your stuff as the company no longer exists.

MMA Warehouse Coupons

Whilst MMAWarehouse was still around, a lot of customers would be satisfied because of the coupon codes that were available during promotions on the site.

By offering up a discount code during special periods they likely gained a lot of sales as various martial arts equipment can be expensive – particularly the high-grade stuff. So by offering up a discount via promo code they won over a lot of their customers and turned them into loyal fans.

Why did MMAWarehouse close?

From online discussions, it seems that MMAWarehouse began moving a lot of its product sales into selling via Amazon. The customer base on Amazon is often too significant to ignore. Because of this, it slowly made the profitability of their own website reduce over time.

With MMAWarehouse’s brand purchasing power, they held a large inventory of different brands and they were slowly building up their own portfolio of manufactured products.

But some say that their reduction in profitability was what eventually led to the closure of the MMAWarehouse website and brand in early 2019. With more consumers looking for their MMA products on Amazon, it becomes challenging to facilitate your own warehouse operation.

MMAWarehouse began working with other partners to transition into one umbrella sports brand, but due to the economic problems worldwide that began in 2020, they had to delay significantly.

Eventually, this became the Hypnotik mixed martial arts brand specializing in BJJ (Gi, No-Gi, etc) clothing and accessories.

Whilst technically MMAWarehouse isn’t around anymore, it does live on through Hypnotik.

MMAWarehouse vs Amazon

One of the reasons the brand struggled to make profitability was due to the increasing popularity of Amazon and its ability to push down prices for the consumer.

In the US, because Amazon sold the same brands that MMAWarehouse did and at significantly lower prices, they had to forego selling other brands and focus on creating their own brand instead.

With the Hypnotik brand, they could decide to continue selling on their own stores or on Amazon as they are able to maintain control over production and release less of the margins.

Many resellers can’t compete with Amazon’s buying power as they can buy in such huge quantities, for lower cost, that it can force any other reseller out of that market who can’t push the price any lower without losing all profit. It’s a race to the bottom of which Amazon usually wins out.

Where can I get MMAWarehouse products now?

MMAWarehouse became the Hypnotik brand and sells exclusively through USFightStore.

But you might still be able to find some of the MMAWarehouse inventory on Amazon.

USFightStore doesn’t sell a large variety of brands yet, but if they are successful you might expect their inventory of brands and products to grow. Though, it doesn’t look like they are close in comparison to what MMAWarehouse used to be just yet.

The New Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brand: Hypnotik

The changed new brand name for MMAWarehouse, Hypnotik, now sells its products on USFightStore.

This new Hypnotik brand specializes in clothing that is ideal for BJJ with high-quality Gis and gear for grappling training like No-Gi rash guards.

Hypnotik seems to feature the mixed martial artist and all-American fighter Anthony “Lionheart” Smith who can be seen wearing Hypnotik branded pants and even MMA gloves.

It seems the brands’ fight apparel and Anthony Smith have been in partnership for some time as Lionheart has even posted online with his review of Hypnotik on Instagram:


USFightStore is an online store focused on the sport of fighting like boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. But isn’t just BJJ and Gi’s, though, as it includes plenty of other accessories for MMA interested customers like:

  • MMA and Boxing Clothing and Pants
  • Groin Guards
  • Head Guards
  • Mouth Guards
  • Hand Wraps and Inner Gloves
  • Groin Guards
  • Head Guards
  • And they even sell some pieces for the boxing coach like shields and focus mitts which are ideal for striking practice.

It seems for now that USFightStore sells mostly Adidas equipment and not many other brands.

The Hypnotik brand is only, so far, one small part of their sales. Maybe in the future, they will be able to replicate some of the success of MMAWarehouse and sign brands like American Fighter to their sites offering again.

They also have a sale section where you can grab a discount when you purchase some of their brands’ equipment.

One particularly useful thing about the USFightStore website is that they have a Sizing page including downloadable PDFs of different Adidas equipment and how to find the right size. Like for boxing gloves, and even head guards and groin guards.

I noticed that the footer social links on the USFightStore direct to the Adidas brand page. It suggests to me that USFightStore is some part of the wider Adidas network of brands and so, in turn, would be the Hypnotik brand. But that’s just some personal conjecture of mine!

It would make some sense, seeing how Adidas is a huge brand with a lot of power behind them and looking further on USFightStore you’ll find even more products than mentioned above, all of which are Adidas, like:

  • Heavy Punching Bags
  • Speed Bags
  • Double End Bags
  • Jump Ropes
  • Boxing Bags
  • Boxing Shoes

Hypnotik has more links to Adidas than most probably realize. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just hope good things are to come for the brand under this storefront and that they don’t miss out completely on the loyalty that MMAWarehouse once brought to them.

Final Thoughts

As time has passed and fight equipment competition has grown even larger, big players like Amazon are able to squeeze out independent businesses pretty easily.

It’s what pushes businesses to focus on developing their own products and offering them to their loyal following.

This is what seems to have happened here and now Hypnotik might just become a new strong force in the space for Gi and No-Gi fight wear.

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