UFC Fighter Jessica Andrade OnlyFans (All Details!)

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You may know Jessica Andrade from her career in the UFC, but who knew that she’d be earning money off her body on OnlyFans? If you’re a fan of nude photos and racy videos, you’ll be familiar with Jessica Andrade. While she didn’t plan to become an adult star, she did share a handful of racy photos with one person, which subsequently spread like wildfire. Today, the Jessica Andrade OnlyFans earns enough to pay her rent, car loan, and even start renovations on her mother’s home.

Jessica Andrade’s career

Brazilian mixed martial arts star Jessica Andrade has recently opened an account in social networking site Onlyfans. The account features content that’s not typically allowed on social media. Andrade’s followers have already benefited financially through the account. In fact, Onlyfans’ valuation is estimated at nine to 10 billion dollars. But what’s the best way for Andrade to maximize her OnlyFans earnings? To find out, keep reading.

A fan base for the UFC’s Jessica Andrade is vast, with more than 2 million subscribers. The MMA fighter started her career at 14, working at a fish pond. She later worked as a delivery girl at a drug store, and drove a truck for a local farm. Her onlyFans earnings have allowed her to help her family with household bills, and she is currently living comfortably on her onlyfans earnings. Andrade has never spent her last fight purse. The MMA fighter is a former strawweight champion and is the UFC Women’s Flyweight champ.

Her only loss came in the UFC, when she was knocked out by Rose Namajunas in the second round. But that didn’t stop Andrade from defending her title against Zhang Weili. While Andrade’s UFC debut didn’t go as well as her first fight in the octagon, her recent fights at 125 pounds were a step up. She won her last fight by KO in the opening round against Katlyn Chookagian, who had recently lost a challenge to Shevchenko.

In addition to competing on the UFC, Andrade also competed on the bantamweight division. In 2011, she beat Jessica Penne. In the strawweight division, Andrade won the UFC strawweight title against Rose Namajunas. Although she didn’t successfully defend the title, Andrade went on to defeat Zhang Weili, a former world champion. The UFC champion eventually made her debut in the bantamweight division, losing to Joanna Jedrzejczyk on May 13, 2017.

Her relationship with Fernanda nee Gomes

The MMA fighter Jessica Andrade recently married her longtime girlfriend Fernanda nee Gomes. Fernanda is a biologist and runs a work with Jessica’s father. The couple has been together for almost ten years and they are happily married. Their relationship has also been the subject of numerous rumors, with Jessica admitting that she has contemplated divorce.

A renowned mixed martial artist, Jessica Andrade is currently the UFC women’s strawweight champion. A lesbian and a proud member of the combat sports community, she is widely respected and openly lesbian. The mixed martial artist has also dedicated equal time to her marriage to biologist Fernanda Gomes. They were engaged for over a year before tying the knot in Las Vegas.

Apparently, Fernanda Gomes was hoping for a fairytale wedding. Fernanda Gomes accepted Andrade’s proposal during a post-bout interview in May 2017. The pair married in Las Vegas in March 2019.

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While it is unclear whether Fernanda nee Gomes and Jessica Andrade have a gay relationship, the former mixed martial arts fighter has said that her orientation does not define who she is. She understands that her lifestyle would not be welcomed by everyone, but she’s a lesbian who’s open about it. She’s also been quoted as saying that she cannot be brutal enough to her opponents because she’s a lesbian. However, she tries to kill every opponent in the octagon.

Her income from OnlyFans

While you may not be aware of it, Jessica Andrade is a UFC fighter who makes a ton of money through her social media pages. She is currently ranked number one in the flyweight division and pound-for-pound rankings, but before she signed with OnlyFans, she was struggling to make enough money to live on. She decided to join the social media site on the advice of her wife, Fernanda Gomes.

Andrade began working at a fish pond when she was just 14 years old. Later, she became a drugstore delivery person and worked as a truck driver on a farm. Her onlyfans earnings have helped her support her family, and she hasn’t touched her purse from her last fight. However, Jessica Andrade enjoys shopping on Amazon. Her husband, Fernando Andrade, is a UFC fan, and their relationship is going well.

Jessica Andrade’s income from OnlyFants is estimated to be $100K. The exact amount of her original income is unknown, as she denies any plastic surgery. However, this income is enough to pay for her advance house rent in Los Angeles, her car, and other expenses. Jessica Andrade has also been spotted buying a new car, paying for repairs to her mother’s home and buying a house.

Although the UFC champion and former women’s flyweight champion recently opened her own account on social media website OnlyFans, her only fan account has generated enough revenue to cover her expenses. However, the fighter hasn’t disclosed how much she has earned on OnlyFans. Her income from OnlyFans must have been in the thousands of dollars to help pay off her car and house. If this is the case, the UFC champion can be proud of her new income.

While the UFC’s newest stars haven’t revealed how much they’ve earned from OnlyFans, many fighters from the organization have already tapped the social media platform to make some extra money. Fernanda Gomes, Pearl Gonzalez, Felice Herrig, Rachael Ostovich, Valerie Loureda, Diego Sanchez, and many other women have also joined. Andrade’s income from OnlyFans is increasing at a steady pace.

Her motivation for joining the site

A Brazilian mixed martial artist, Jessica Andrade, has a surprisingly interesting motivation for joining OnlyFans: She wanted to make some extra money. Her wife had convinced her to join the platform, and she soon began to earn a decent amount. As a fighter, she has faced a lot of strife, including coming out as gay and introducing the world to her wife Fernanda Gomes. While her financial security is now secured thanks to her OnlyFans work, she still has her doubts about the platform’s potential.

In the past, Andrade has faced backlash for her orientation, but only recently has she come out on the platform. Since then, she has been posting photos of herself in nude, and nude images from her account went viral in Brazil. Since her decision to come out on social media, Andrade has managed to make a significant financial move, paying off her car and house with the money she’s made through OnlyFans.

In the meantime, Andrade can focus on improving herself as a fighter. While she can earn plenty of money from Only Fans, she’d be better off focusing on improving herself as an athlete. The company is reportedly worth $9-10 billion, and the potential profits are substantial for the former UFC women’s flyweight champion. Only Fans is already valued at nine to ten billion dollars. While the UFC has deserved the anger of fans, Andrade is not wasting her time with the company’s crass marketing.

Despite being paid $20,000 for leaked pictures of a Brazilian fighter, Jessica Andrade’s motivation for joining Onlyfans is not entirely clear. While her motivation for joining OnlyFans remains unknown, she is reportedly putting a lot of money into her first octagon fight since her Valentina Shevchenko bout. While she is in the middle of preparing for the bout, she hopes to return to the site and make more money.

While she doesn’t need the money, Andrade’s plethora of fans will appreciate the opportunity to support UFC fighters who depend on OnlyFans to make a living. In addition, she’ll also receive the opportunity to continue her career as a flyweight in the upcoming months. While it’s a win-win situation for both, the UFC champion shouldn’t be forced to do only What’s Right For Her.