How to Clinch in UFC 4: Master the Art of Close-Range Combat

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Hey there fight fans, if you’re looking to excel in close-range combat in UFC 4, mastering the art of clinching is a must. Clinching can give you an edge in the game and allow you to dominate your opponent in close-quarters combat. In this article, I’ll take you through everything you need to know to become a clinch expert in UFC 4.

From understanding the basics of clinching to executing advanced techniques and strategies, I’ll cover it all. I’ll give you tips on clinch controls and transitions, show you how to integrate clinching with striking and grappling, and provide insights on how to clinch against different fighting styles. By the end of this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to clinch in UFC 4 and be able to apply these techniques to take your gameplay to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering the art of clinching is vital for excelling in close-range combat in UFC 4.
  • Understanding the basics of clinching and the available clinch moves is essential for executing effective techniques.
  • Practicing different clinch controls and techniques will help perfect your timing and strategy.
  • Integrating your clinching skills with striking and grappling is key to dominating your opponent.
  • Adjusting your clinching techniques and strategies when fighting against different styles is important for achieving maximum results.

Understanding the Clinch in UFC 4

Before diving into the specific clinch techniques and controls in UFC 4, it’s important to first understand what the clinch is and how it can be initiated during gameplay.

The clinch is a close-range grappling position where both fighters are in standing position and are in a tight hold of each other’s upper body. In UFC 4, the clinch can be initiated by pressing and holding the L2 button on your controller when you are close enough to your opponent. Once you have initiated the clinch, you will be able to execute a variety of clinch moves and transitions.

Some of the basic clinch moves available in UFC 4 include the collar tie, double underhooks, and over-under position. These moves can be executed by using the right joystick on your controller to control your fighter’s arms and movements.

Tip: It’s important to note that clinching can be risky if not executed correctly. If you attempt to clinch at the wrong time or in the wrong position, your opponent may be able to counter with strikes or takedowns. It’s important to master the timing and strategy of clinching in order to effectively dominate in close-range combat.

Clinch Controls and Techniques in UFC 4

The clinch is an essential aspect of close-range combat in UFC 4, and learning the proper controls and techniques can give you a distinct advantage over your opponent. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to execute different clinch moves and transitions:

Control/Technique Input
Initiate clinch Hold L2/LT + R1/RB
Transition to over-under clinch Hold L2/LT + right stick left or right
Transition to double underhooks clinch Hold L2/LT + right stick up
Transition to single collar tie clinch Hold L2/LT + right stick down
Execute knee strike Hold L2/LT + left stick up + triangle/Y
Execute elbow strike Hold L2/LT + left stick left/right + square/X
Execute takedown from clinch Hold L2/LT + left stick down + circle/B

Timing is critical when executing clinch moves and transitions. You should aim to initiate the clinch when you’re close enough to your opponent, but not too close that they can easily evade or counter. Additionally, you should be mindful of your stamina levels, as maintaining a clinch for too long can quickly drain your energy.

One useful strategy is to mix up your clinch moves to keep your opponent guessing. For example, you could start with a single collar tie clinch and then transition to an over-under clinch for a powerful takedown.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so spend time honing your clinch controls and techniques in training mode or against the AI before taking on human opponents. In the next section, we’ll explore some advanced strategies for clinching in UFC 4.

Mastering Clinch Transitions in UFC 4

One of the key skills to master in UFC 4 is the art of transitioning between different clinch positions. This allows you to maintain control over your opponent and create opportunities for strikes, takedowns, and submissions.

Here are some tips to help you master clinch transitions:

  1. Timing is everything: Proper timing is crucial when transitioning in the clinch. Wait for the right moment when your opponent is off-balance or vulnerable before making your move.
  2. Use your hips: Your hips play a crucial role in clinch transitions. Use hip movement to create angles and open up opportunities for different clinch positions.
  3. Be patient: Don’t rush your clinch transitions. Take your time to set up your moves and wait for the right opportunity to strike or take down your opponent.
  4. Use fakes and feints: Use fake movements to trick your opponent and create openings for clinch transitions. Faking a takedown attempt, for example, can bait your opponent into a vulnerable position.

By mastering clinch transitions, you can dominate your opponent in close-range combat and set yourself up for victory in UFC 4.

Advanced Clinch Strategies in UFC 4

As you become more comfortable with clinching in UFC 4, it’s time to start incorporating advanced strategies into your gameplay. These techniques can help you gain an edge over your opponent and dominate in close-range combat.

Countering Your Opponent’s Attacks

One effective way to gain an advantage in the clinch is to counter your opponent’s attacks. When your opponent tries to hit you with a strike or knee, initiate a clinch just before impact to nullify their attack. You can then execute a takedown or transition to a dominant position.

Ground and Pound Opportunities

If you’re able to take your opponent down from the clinch, look for opportunities to land ground and pound strikes. Use your elbows and fists to land devastating blows to your opponent’s head and body, wearing them down and opening up more opportunities for submissions.

Setting up Submissions from the Clinch

The clinch can also be used to set up submissions. Look for opportunities to lock in a guillotine choke or other submission hold while in the clinch. Pay attention to your opponent’s positioning and movements to ensure that you can execute the submission correctly.

By incorporating these advanced clinch strategies into your UFC 4 gameplay, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponent in close-range combat. Practice these techniques and continue to refine your clinch game to become a dominant force in the octagon.

Clinching Against Different Fighting Styles in UFC 4

Adjusting your clinching techniques and strategies is crucial when facing different fighting styles in UFC 4. As a general rule, strikers prefer to keep their distance, wrestlers like to close the gap quickly, and grapplers aim to take the fight to the ground. Here are some tips on how to clinch against each style:

Against Strikers:

Strikers tend to be more vulnerable in the clinch, as they are not used to fighting in close range. Use feints and footwork to enter the clinch and look for opportunities to land strikes or take the fight to the ground. Be careful not to get caught with knees or elbows, which are common in the clinch.

Against Wrestlers:

Wrestlers are usually strong in the clinch and can use their takedowns to control the fight. To counter their wrestling, focus on maintaining good posture and balance. Use underhooks to control their arms and hips, and look for opportunities to land strikes or attempt a takedown of your own.

Against Grapplers:

Grapplers are typically comfortable in the clinch and can use their grappling skills to take the fight to the ground. To defend against their takedowns, focus on maintaining distance and using footwork to create angles. Use overhooks to control their arms and look for opportunities to land strikes or take the fight to the ground yourself.

Remember that every fighter is different, and you may need to adjust your approach depending on your opponent’s style and tendencies. By mastering different clinching techniques and strategies, you can gain an advantage in close-range combat and dominate your opponents in UFC 4.

Combining Clinch with Striking and Grappling in UFC 4

One of the keys to success in UFC 4 is being able to seamlessly transition between clinching, striking, and grappling. By combining these different aspects of close-range combat, you can keep your opponent guessing and gain a significant advantage over them.

One effective way to combine the clinch with striking is to use knees and elbows from the clinch position. As your opponent tries to defend the clinch, you can land powerful strikes with your knees or elbows, causing significant damage. Additionally, you can use the clinch to set up takedowns and ground and pound opportunities, keeping your opponent off balance and unable to mount an effective defense.

When it comes to combining the clinch with grappling, submission holds are a powerful tool. By transitioning from the clinch position to a dominant ground position, you can set up submission holds such as armbars, triangles, and guillotines. Additionally, the clinch can be used to set up takedowns and get into a dominant position on the ground, giving you ample opportunity to work toward a submission victory.

It’s important to remember that transitioning between different aspects of close-range combat requires careful timing and strategy. You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to counterattacks, so make sure to choose your strikes and grappling moves wisely. With practice and perseverance, however, you can master the art of combining clinch with striking and grappling, becoming a dominant force in the octagon.

Training and Practicing Clinch in UFC 4

Mastering the clinch in UFC 4 requires consistent training and practice. Here are some tips and exercises to help you improve your clinch technique and control:

  • Focus on footwork: Footwork is key to setting up successful clinching opportunities. Practice footwork drills to improve your movement in the octagon and create openings for clinch moves.
  • Partner drills: Practice clinching with a partner to improve your technique and timing. Start with basic clinch moves and gradually progress to more complex combinations and transitions.
  • Shadowboxing: Incorporate clinch moves into your shadowboxing routine to improve your muscle memory and technique. Focus on proper form and execution.
  • Watch and learn: Study UFC fights and observe how top fighters use the clinch to their advantage. Take note of their technique, timing, and strategy.
  • Experiment with different styles: Try out different clinch styles and techniques to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to mix in your own unique approach.

“Practice makes perfect, and the clinch is no exception. Consistent training and practice will help you develop a strong clinch game that can give you an edge in close-range combat.”


Overall, mastering the clinch is crucial for success in UFC 4. By understanding the basics of clinching and practicing different techniques and transitions, you can gain a significant advantage in close-range combat. Remember to adjust your strategy against different fighting styles and incorporate clinching with striking and grappling to maximize your control and dominance in the octagon.

Final Thoughts

Training and practice are key to improving your clinch game in UFC 4. Consider incorporating clinch-specific drills and exercises into your training regimen to hone your technique and timing. Always keep in mind the importance of maintaining a dominant position and executing transitions with precision. With these strategies and techniques, you can master the art of the clinch and become a force to be reckoned with in UFC 4.


Q: How do I initiate a clinch in UFC 4?

A: To initiate a clinch in UFC 4, press the appropriate button for clinch controls (usually the right stick or a specific button combination) when in close proximity to your opponent.

Q: What are some basic clinch moves in UFC 4?

A: Basic clinch moves in UFC 4 include the collar tie, double underhook, and over-under position. Each move offers different opportunities for striking, grappling, and transitioning.

Q: How can I smoothly transition between different clinch positions?

A: To transition between different clinch positions in UFC 4, use the right stick or specific button combinations to navigate through the available options. Timing and strategy are crucial for successful transitions.

Q: What are some advanced clinch strategies in UFC 4?

A: Advanced clinch strategies in UFC 4 include countering opponent’s attacks, utilizing ground and pound opportunities, and setting up submissions from the clinch. These strategies can give you an edge in close-range combat.

Q: How should I adjust my clinching techniques against different fighting styles in UFC 4?

A: When facing different fighting styles in UFC 4, adjust your clinching techniques accordingly. Against strikers, focus on controlling the distance and utilizing strikes. Against wrestlers and grapplers, aim to avoid takedowns and utilize the clinch to nullify their strengths.

Q: How can I integrate clinch techniques with striking and grappling in UFC 4?

A: To integrate clinch techniques with striking and grappling in UFC 4, practice combining different moves and transitions. Utilize strikes to set up takedowns or submissions from the clinch, creating a seamless flow between the various aspects of close-range combat.

Q: How can I effectively train and practice clinching in UFC 4?

A: To effectively train and practice clinching in UFC 4, consider incorporating drills and exercises specific to clinch techniques. Work on your timing, technique, and overall performance to master the art of clinch combat in the game.