How Much Did Paddy the Baddy Make? (Career Earnings)

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Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts. As a fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he has gained a lot of attention for his skills in the ring. But, one question that many fans have is how much money does Paddy Pimblett make?

According to various sources, Paddy Pimblett made a whopping $114,000 in his UFC debut, which also includes the post-fight bonus. This is a significant amount of money for a fighter who is just starting out in the UFC. However, it is important to note that this amount can vary depending on the fighter’s contract, the number of fights they have, and their performance in the ring.

Despite his success, Paddy Pimblett’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This is a modest amount compared to some of the other UFC fighters who have amassed millions of dollars in their careers. However, Paddy Pimblett is still young and has a lot of potential to earn more money in the future.

Paddy the Baddy’s Fighting Career

Paddy Pimblett, also known as Paddy the Baddy, is a professional mixed martial artist from Liverpool, England. He made his professional debut in 2012 and has since then competed in several organizations before signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2021.

Paddy has an impressive record of 17 wins and 3 losses in his professional career. He has won 8 fights by knockout, 5 by submission, and 4 by decision. His fighting style is characterized by his aggressive striking and grappling skills, which have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting fighters in the sport.

Paddy’s rise to fame began in the Cage Warriors organization, where he won the featherweight championship in 2016. He defended his title twice before vacating it in 2018 to pursue opportunities in other organizations.

In 2021, Paddy signed with the UFC and made his debut against Luigi Vendramini at UFC Fight Night 191. He won the fight by knockout in the first round, earning him a performance of the night bonus. According to Essentially Sports, Paddy made $114,000 in his UFC debut, including the post-fight bonus.

Paddy’s next fight was against fellow featherweight prospect Movsar Evloev at UFC Fight Night 204. Despite a valiant effort, Paddy lost the fight by unanimous decision. According to Sports Manor, Paddy only earned a fight purse of $24,000 for the fight.

Despite the loss, Paddy remains one of the most exciting prospects in the featherweight division and is expected to have a bright future in the UFC.

Paddy the Baddy’s Earnings from UFC

Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett is a British MMA fighter who made his UFC debut on September 4, 2021, against Luigi Vendramini. Since then, he has fought two more times in the octagon and has become a fan favorite. He is known for his charismatic personality and exciting fighting style.

According to Sports Manor, Paddy Pimblett earned a guaranteed payment of $20,000 for his UFC debut. However, his earnings did not stop there. He also received a post-fight bonus, which brought his total earnings for the fight to $114,000. This is an impressive amount for a debut fight, and it shows just how much potential Pimblett has in the UFC.

Since his debut, Paddy Pimblett has continued to earn big paychecks. According to Wales Online, Pimblett took home £64,000 in total for his UFC 282 fight against Ryan Gordon. This included a base salary of just under £10,000 and a win bonus of £10,000. While this is less than what he earned in his debut fight, it is still a significant amount of money.

It is important to note that these earnings do not include any additional bonuses or sponsorships that Pimblett may have received. UFC fighters often have the opportunity to earn extra money through performance bonuses, such as the Fight of the Night or Performance of the Night bonuses. They may also have sponsorship deals with various companies, which can provide them with additional income.

Overall, Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has already earned a substantial amount of money in his short time in the UFC. With his popularity and exciting fighting style, it is likely that he will continue to earn big paychecks in the future.

Paddy the Baddy’s Endorsement Deals

Paddy Pimblett has been able to secure some lucrative endorsement deals throughout his career, which has helped to boost his overall net worth. Here are some of the most notable deals that he has signed:

  • Barstool Sports: In 2022, Paddy signed a deal with Barstool Sports worth over $1,000,000. The deal includes Paddy creating content for the company and promoting their brand on his social media channels.
  • Monster Energy: Paddy is also sponsored by Monster Energy, which is a popular energy drink brand. The exact terms of the deal are not known, but it is likely that Paddy receives a significant amount of money from the company.

These endorsement deals have helped to boost Paddy’s overall net worth, and they have also helped to raise his profile within the MMA community. By partnering with these companies, Paddy has been able to reach a wider audience and gain more exposure for his brand.

Paddy the Baddy’s Net Worth

Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett is a professional mixed martial artist from Liverpool, England, who currently competes in the UFC’s featherweight division. He has been a rising star in the MMA world, and his net worth has been a topic of interest for many fans. According to various sources, Paddy The Baddy’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 million as of 2022.

One of the sources that provided this estimate is Networth & Salary, which tracks the earnings of celebrities and athletes. According to their data, Paddy The Baddy’s net worth is around $1-5 million US dollars as of 2022. This estimate is based on his earnings from his fights, sponsorships, and other sources of income.

Another source that reported on Paddy The Baddy’s net worth is LADbible, a UK-based news and entertainment website. According to their report, Paddy The Baddy has an estimated net worth of $1-5 million (or £836,000-£4.2million) as of 2022.

It is worth noting that Paddy The Baddy’s net worth may have increased since these reports were published, as he has continued to compete in the UFC and has likely earned more money from his fights and sponsorships. However, the exact amount of his net worth is not publicly known, and any estimates should be taken with a grain of salt.

In conclusion, Paddy The Baddy’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 million as of 2022, according to various sources. While his exact earnings are not publicly known, it is clear that he has been successful in his MMA career and has likely earned a significant amount of money from his fights and sponsorships.