6 Hottest UFC Ring Girls Of All Time (Fans Vote)

These ring girls rock the octagon, and the men who adorn them just love their sexy looks. They are hot and fierce, and you’ll want to get close to them for the ultimate fight-night experience. These ladies are also great role models.

If you’re looking for the hottest UFC ring girls as voted by YOU (the fans), look no further. Check out the list below!

Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer is the reigning ring girl champion and has won the World MMA Awards twice. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Palmer has become a household name in the UFC. She burst onto the scene in 2012 and has since become one of the most sought-after ring girls. In addition to her UFC ring appearances, Palmer has also graced the covers of FHM and Playboy magazines. She has also taken her talents over to OnlyFans.

The beautiful brunette has appeared in many magazines, including Maxim, FHM, and Sports Illustrated, and has a strong following on social media. The UFC has a longstanding tradition of providing a sexy ring girl and this is no different. The sexiest UFC ring girl has become a part of it and has a following on Instagram that reaches more than three million. She is an active social media personality, a registered nutritionist, and a Pilates instructor.

After joining the UFC in 2013, Chandella quickly rose to stardom. She became one of the top ring girls, and even won Ring Girl of the Year for 2016! This award was first given to a Brazilian woman, and McGregor dethroned Brittney Palmer as the top ring girl. Chandella is a talented writer, and has a long list of high-profile clients, including Ford Motor Company and the WIP magazine.

Alison Diehl

As one of the most sexy UFC ring girls of all time, Alison Diehl is a real hottie. The fight fanatics can’t resist cheering for her while she’s between rounds. The brunette beauty with the model’s body and stunning smile even posed with UFC troops in an Instagram photo. She’s also one of the most popular UFC ring girls.

In addition to her role as an Octtagon girl, Alison Diehl is also a model. The tall, sultry beauty is a favorite among fans. She has an impressive Instagram following, and she has even won the sexiest UFC ring girl award twice. The sexy women in the Octtagon make the fight experience that much more pleasant.

Although a lawyer by training, Alison Diehl’s body is fit and toned. Her face is a joy to look at. Her striking stance and beautiful body are enough to make any man’s heart sing. The ring girls in the Octtagon are the perfect addition to any night out. A night out in Los Angeles with a hot UFC girl in tow can be an unforgettable experience.

Chrissy Blair

Known as the “Pink Panther” ring girl, Chrissy Blair is a blue-eyed blonde from Florida. She has appeared in various promotions, including MMAthletics, Inside the UFC, and Sexiest NYC Bartenders. She enjoys fitness and has even had modeling work done, and has appeared in GUESS and Maxim. In addition to her career in MMA, Blair is also a successful model. Her popularity has resulted in her being featured in a recent GUESS ad campaign.

In addition to being a fan favorite, Chrissy Blair is an accomplished model with a large Instagram following. She is a certified nutritionist and a Pilates instructor. Her sexy looks are sure to turn heads. And she also has a full-time job outside of MMA. Aside from fighting, Chrissy Blair is also active in the MMA industry, and is involved in many charity events.

Despite her ring girl role, Summer Deniels has also established herself as a model. The outgoing, fun-loving, and stunning appearance have made her one of the hottest UFC ring girls in the history of the sport. Summer Daniels has also forged a successful modeling career and has been featured in many high-end commercials.

Jhenny Andrade

If you’re a fan of the UFC octagon, you have probably heard of Brazilian fighter Jhenny Andrade. She’s a Brazilian who made her UFC debut in 2013, and quickly rose to become one of the sport’s sexiest ring girls. She was the first Brazilian to win the Ring Girl of the Year award, dethroning fellow Brazilians Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste. Despite her short time in the UFC, Jhenny Andrade is already a household name in Brazil.

The UFC has a long history of hiring sexy ring girls. Many of these girls have had successful careers in the modeling industry. For six consecutive years, she was ranked as the world’s sexiest ring girl. Blair also defended her title at UFC 100 in 2017, and has since gone on to become a TV host and model.

Carly Baker

If you’re looking for the sexiest UFC mascots, look no further than Jessica Alba. This stunning model has more than 300 thousand Instagram followers and a beautiful face. She is a former model for a number of high-profile brands. Here are some of her sexiest moments:

Chandella, an 11-year-old who fought in the UFC as Carly Baker, was hired to replace Logan Stanton after the latter was fired. Despite her dark past, she did not reveal her past until it was revealed, causing her dismissal. Still, her beauty and seductive eyes have earned her huge fans. Chandella has a tall frame and enjoys outdoor hobbies and cooking.

Born in London, Carly Baker is the first European UFC Ring Girl. She is very popular on social media and is the first UFC ring girl from her native continent. Apart from promoting UFC events, she also has a successful modelling career. She has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers and has a variety of other interests besides the Octagon. She also practices martial arts and has participated in the Miss Great Britain competition.

Carly Baker is a natural octagon girl

Born in London, England, Carly Baker is a British MMA fighter who has been making waves in the sport for a number of years. She is the first Octagon Girl from Europe and was welcomed by her northern American fans. Carly has also done modeling work and has appeared on Nickelodeon and MTV. She also has experience in singing and has been part of the girl pop duo Mynxters.

Before she was a UFC fighter, she was an actress and model. She was part of girl pop duo Mynxsters and later joined the girl quartet Holla. She was also a model, making TC appearances on MTV and Disney channel. She also acted in the movie Dirty Dancing: Time of Your Life. She is now the Octagon Girl for UFC, traveling the world in support of the organization.

Carly Baker is a talented octagon girl. She has been an Octagon girl since 2008 and makes over $1 million a year. She was first selected by the UFC when she was 21. She has parlayed her fame in the UFC into a modelling career and has been featured in magazines such as Maxim and Playboy.

Carly Baker is a model

If you’ve ever watched a mixed martial arts fight, you have no doubt noticed the sexy ring girl in the corner. However, the ring girl might not have the same fame as her fight partner. Despite her sexy looks, fans cheer for her on the sidelines. Carly Baker is 180 cm tall, has beautiful dark eyes, and a voluptuous body. She has a long history as an octagon girl.

While some may consider her one of the sexiest UFO ring girls, she is a former model who has worked in advertising for a variety of companies. Her work in the sport has also led to a successful model career. And because she was previously involved in soft-porn photos, her UFC gig ended abruptly. That said, she remains one of the sexiest UFC ring girls in the sport.

Carly Baker is a British model and one of the sexiEST UFC ring girls. She made her promotional debut at UFC London in 2013, and later won the ring girl of the year award at the World MMA Awards. Carly Baker has also had a successful career in the fashion industry, having modeled for numerous magazines and appeared in several advertisements for Coral and FHM. Additionally, she has signed record deals and has co-written songs with Gary Barlow and Kasabian.

Natasha Wicks

If you’re a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), you may have come across the name Natasha Wicks. She has earned her place as one of the sexiest UFC ring girls by earning two World MMA Awards, including ring girl of the year. Although she’s had a brief hiatus due to maternity, she’s back in the ring and better than ever. In addition to her UFC ring duties, she is also a social media influencer and Pilates instructor.

The next sexiest UFC ring girl is Arianny Celeste. Born in Las Vegas, Arianny has been with the organization for six years. The ring girl has won several awards and accolades, including “UFC Ring Girl of the Year”.

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