Top 8 Hottest MMA Wives Of All Time

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We’ll look at the hotties in the octagon, including Amanda Ribas, Felice Herrig, Helena Serhyivna, Kyra Gracie, and others. Which one is the most interesting? Who are the Hottest MMA Wives? The answer to that question is a complicated one. Keep reading to find out! We’ll also discuss the reasons behind these wives’ popularity in the sport.

Hottest MMA Wives

Felice Herrig

The hottest MMA wife isn’t her ring-side man. That honor goes to Felice Herrig. This kickboxing expert, a former professional in kickboxing, competes in the Strawweight division of the UFC. Her looks are enough to turn heads. Her recent MMA shorts photo reveals a shapely body that is a combination of grace and athleticism.

Despite her dazzling looks and enviable MMA fame, Herrig has been a fierce self-promoter. Her hustle and hard work earned her a living during the women’s MMA roller coaster in the late 2000s. Last year, she signed with the UFC and has battled to prove that she is more than just a show model. While her hubby has been busy in the business, she remains a hot wife.

Another MMA wife is Cat Zingano. She has a great physique and competes in the flyweight division. After losing the UFC title to Ronda Rousey in her first match, she has gone on to become a vice president of the ONE Championship and appeared in several fitness magazines. In addition to being a fierce fighter, she is also a mother. She is the first mother to compete in the UFC.

Amanda Ribas

Known for her striking ability, Amanda Ribas is arguably the most attractive mixed martial artist wife on the planet. She is a ranked UFC fighter and has an enviable physique. Ribas’s striking skills have earned her countless followers on social media. In addition to her stunning looks, Amanda also boasts an impressive arsenal of grappling and boxing skills. She was recently named the hottest MMA wife of 2018 after taking out Paige VanZant via a brapper armbar submission.

Despite her burgeoning career, Amanda Ribas remains a popular mixed martial artist and has a stunning personality outside of the octagon. As of April 12, 2021, Amanda is ranked eighth in the UFC women’s strawweight division. While she may be best known for her UFC fights, Ribas’s wife enjoys a more active lifestyle and a dynamic social life outside of the octagon.

Helena Serhyivna

She is a mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and Muay Thai fighter. Her pedigree is impressive and her body is something any professional model would die for. She has a striking smile and is still active in the ring. If you’d like to meet her, you can check out her MMA wife website. She’s a former professional MMA fighter herself and has many fans.

Born in Ukraine, Helena Serhyivna fights in the Strawweight division. She competes primarily in Brazilian competitions. She is a highly skilled kickboxer, and won the IMMAF Women’s World Championship in the Flyweight division in 2014. Her figure and personality are unique and intriguing. Her husband, Japanese professional athlete Rin Nakai, is a mixed martial artist. He began fighting in October 2006 and won his UFC debut against Nakai by TKO.

She has been married to various MMA fighters for years. She has been married to two UFC lightweight champs, Misha Cirkunov and Dillon Danis. She has also competed in Bellator. Helena also has a YouTube channel. She sells clothes online and tries on almost every style. She also has a successful modeling career. MMA wives often get to go to parties and social events, and her love life is no exception.

Kyra Gracie

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Kyra Gracie is the daughter of famed martial arts family the Gracies. She is a black belt and is the first woman in her family to earn a black belt in BJJ. In addition to being a world champion, she has also practiced judo and wrestling. Today, she is considered one of the most beautiful female boxers. She is also a member of the Gracie family, which makes her even more desirable.

Kim Couture is a former Ms. Randy Couture and a MMA fighter who is one of the hottest women in the sport. Although she has fought only twice, she has a bad beatdown and a broken nose in her first MMA fight. She is one of the hottest MMA wives of all time! She has been a fitness model for many years before turning professional.

Micol Di Segni

Micol Di Segni, wife of MMA fighter Jackson Wink, has a well-rounded resume. Her winning streak has reached five, with a sixth on the way. She feels fighting is a man’s sport, but is also a woman’s sport. The 31-year-old has fought for notable promotions including EFC, Cage Warriors, and Venator FC. While she faces some pushback from her family, she has embraced her love for the sport and believes it gives her a sense of direction.

Despite her husband’s success, she has had to deal with criticism since her early childhood. Her parents divorced when she was twelve. She had to endure the resulting shame when she tried to show off her body. Her father accused her of being a p***-star. Her mother voiced disapproval when she decided to make body modifications. She wished her daughter to be a doctor or lawyer.

Brittney Brannagan

It’s no secret that MMA fighters are notorious for flaunting their hot wives and girlfriends. These ladies go through grueling training sessions and strict fitness regimes to be able to stand up against their husbands. In addition to being one of the hottest MMA wives, Brittney Brannagan is one of the most beautiful WAGs in the sport.

Chael Sonnen’s wife Brittney has been the talk of the MMA world since he got married to her. Shealen Uaiwa, the longtime partner of BJ Penn, was beautiful and sweet. She has been a fitness model and personal trainer for Carlos’ Head Rush clothing line. With photos like this, it’s not surprising that t-shirts will fly off the shelves.

Zelina Bexander

If you’ve ever wondered how Zelina Bexander, one of the most beautiful MMA wives, stays so private, you’re not alone. There are few details available on her family and how she met her husband, Alistair Overeem. Zelina completed high school in her hometown and later enrolled at the University of Gothenburg, where she studied business management. Zelina is of white ethnicity.

The UFC fighter Zelina Bexander is a fan favorite. Her husband Alistair Overeem is also a mixed martial artist. They were married in 2016, but the date of their wedding has not been revealed. Zelina and Alistair have been together for just under a decade. They became engaged in 2011 and married in 2016, although their exact date of wedding is unknown. Zelina and Alistair are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Yazz-Ley, and a son, Storm.

In addition to Alistair, Zelina Bexander is engaged to UFC fighter Alistair Overeem. Zelina Bexander shares a massive net worth with her husband. Her salary is estimated at $60,000 per year. Zelina and Alistair are worth $7 million together. There are many rumors about Zelina Bexander’s marital status. She’s not openly out about her sexuality, but her relationship with Alistair has been a source of gossip for years.

Claudia Gadelha

If you are looking for the hottest MMA wife, then you must be wondering who she is. Claudia Gadelha is a Brazilian fighter who joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2014. She started out as a promising prospect and fought for the UFC’s strawweight division. She had been training in JuJitsu and boxing for four years before making her debut in the MMA. Her nickname is “Claudinha”.

Whether you are looking for a hot MMA wife or a hot MMA fighter’s girlfriend, there are some hot women to choose from. These women look great and are desirable to male viewers. These women have all the glamour and glitz of Hollywood women, and they also produce some spicy sparks. And with the growing popularity of MMA, women are no longer just fighters, but also wives.

Another hot MMA wife is Alexandra Albu. She is a rising star in the sport and is quickly becoming a social media sensation. She often posts spicy pictures on Instagram, which has increased her popularity. Her handle on Instagram is @stitchalbu, a play on her fighting nickname. Despite only having two professional fights, Albu has a stunning body and an impressive amount of curves.