Can You Wear Shoes In MMA? (UFC History Explained)

Can You Wear Shoes In MMA?

Whether you’re taking up MMA yourself or love the sport, looking at fighters using different gear can leave you wondering what the proper attire for the Octagon is. Shoes can protect and support the fighter’s feet and ankles. But can you wear shoes in MMA? It depends on the circumstances. For example, a training center … Read more

How to Block In MMA Fighting

How To Block In MMA

When you’re first learning to fight one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is learning how to block in MMA. Blocking in MMA comes down to having a strong understanding of different kinds of attacks and the defenses against them. An MMA fighter needs to learn defensive stances and guards from different martial arts. Which … Read more

Best MMA Home Workout for Beginners

Best MMA Home Workout For Beginners

Are the stringent quarantine rules averting you from attending the MMA training classes? Are you finding it hard to practice an MMA workout at home since there’s no one to help you out? Well, you are not alone! A lot of people that love practicing MMA workouts are experiencing the same, especially beginners.  So, here … Read more