Can You Compete In MMA With Herpes?

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In this article, you’ll learn how to combat outbreaks while taking medications and how to fight during an outbreak. A former UFC fighter with herpes shares his experience and tips for fighting with herpes. Joel Bauman, who battled herpes twice, shares his advice for MMA fighters with herpes. So, can you compete in MMA with herpes? Keep reading to find out.

Joel Bauman battled herpes twice

It was revealed that MMA middleweight Joel Bauman has battled herpes twice. He admitted to an outbreak in his pre-match interview, and his victory over Reese Forest in February was not the result of a devastating TKO. His story has received a lot of attention, and his candid admission has spurred a lot of discussion on social media. Although the truth isn’t always pretty, it does seem like a lot of people have the disease.

can you compete in mma with herpes

While his recent MMA victory was his first win, he’s been fighting with herpes since June 2021. Before that, he fought Josh Fremd but lost his MMA debut to him. He blamed the loss on herpes and non-fungible tokens. He’s now ranked third among active Oklahoma Pro Light Heavyweights. His two victories this year have made him an incredibly popular fighter, with over 5,000 followers on Twitter.

MMA fighters with herpes can compete in mma

MMA fighters with herpes can still fight, but they have to be careful. A recent fight between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal was ruined when the latter revealed he has herpes. The fighter has been taking Valtrex, an antiviral drug used to treat genital herpes. This suggests that Covington may have had outbreaks of the disease in the past.

Although the World Health Organization estimates close to 67 percent of the world’s population has the disease, MMA fighters with herpes can still compete in the sport. The virus is highly contagious and can be spread through oral-to-oral contact and sexual intercourse. Although it is often asymptomatic, herpes can lead to mild to severe blisters and ulcers.

Earlier this year, MMA middleweight Joel Bauman claimed that his loss to Forest was due to herpes. After the fight, his post-fight interview went viral, garnering nearly a million views on social media. His post-fight interview with Bauman went viral and led his last opponent to weigh in. While this is not the first time a fighter with herpes has raised his eyebrows on a microphone, it may have been the most bizarre post-fight moment in recent memory.

Taking medication to suppress outbreaks

When you suffer from eczema, taking medication to suppress outbreaks can help you keep your condition under control. Antiviral medications can help you control outbreaks and can shorten them by up to two days. You should start taking this medication within the first 24 hours of your outbreak, or as soon as you feel it coming on. Your doctor can prescribe these drugs for you if you have immune system problems or HIV infection.

MMA fighters are especially susceptible to staph infection, due to their high exposure to contaminated surfaces and their close proximity to skin infected with staph. Although only one percent of the general population is colonized with the disease, six percent of athletes and twenty-two per cent of collegiate wrestlers have it. A study of Italian contact sport athletes found that 54.8 percent of martial artists tested positive for staph infection.

Fighting during outbreaks

While fighting during an outbreak of herpes is not uncommon, it does put your opponent at risk. It can also affect your performance. One example is MMA middleweight Josh Fremd, who defeated Joel Bauman in a rear-naked choke during the second round of FAC 12 in February. After the fight, Fremd signed a deal with the UFC, but lost his UFC debut to Anthony Hernandez.

The UFC has decided to test incoming fans and will start screening them with an infrared camera to monitor their body temperature. However, the virus can be passed to others without the individual being sick. The biggest problem facing the combat sport world is the spread of Ebola in gyms, where the fighters often train together. Moreover, resources in gyms are limited. In Albuquerque, JacksonWink MMA boasts over forty fighters from around the world. The gym requires its fighters to have a positive COVID-19 test, but only one person in the gym has tested positive.