12 Best MMA Gyms In Dallas, Texas

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If you call D-Town your base for home or work and are looking to find your next martial arts school, I’ve got the goods here for you.

Inside this article, you’ll find a selection of the best MMA gyms in Dallas, Texas. A few have a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focus, but there are other options to try a mixture of fighting styles to try.

When you’re done reading, you can be confident about picking your next favorite training spot inside Dallas.

Alex Martins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Location: 2318 Beatrice St A, Dallas, TX 75208
  • Phone: (806) 570-6579

Alex Martins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist gyms in the area.

Founded by Alex Martins, the Professor began training in BJJ in 1997, aged just 17 years old under Junior Cardoso.

His 20 years of training, competitive experience, and 3rd-degree black belt make Prof Martins an excellent root of quality in this gym.

There are Jitsu classes here six days a week, with options for adults, kids, and women’s-only types.

Ages 4-10 can learn in their Little Champions class, and ages 11-16 can grow in their Little Samurai class.

There’s a real vibe here for a family-oriented and friendly learning experience.

If you live in Dallas and close to Beatrice St with a desire to focus on Jiu-Jitsu (which isn’t a half-bad idea), this could be the perfect option.

Try to get a coaching session with Alex, and you’re bound to progress quickly. You’ll be in good hands here, without a doubt.

Corvo Martial Arts

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Location: 810 W Arapaho Rd Suite 66, Richardson, TX 75080
  • Phone: (469) 422-0483

Corvo Martial Arts is another BJJ specialist gym on this list, with an excellent reputation and a satisfied member base.

The gym is located in Richardson, a bit further out from the center of Dallas. Still, we thought it deserved an inclusion because of its high rating.

No-Gi is a great way to learn techniques that are particularly good for defending yourself on the streets or in an MMA competitive fight.

What is particularly special about this Jiu-Jitsu gym is that they have many classes in the week for No-Gi training. If that matters to you, this is a great place to pick.

Like other BJJ gyms, there are classes suitable for all age groups and levels of ability.

Ages 4-8 can get involved in their Little Crows class. Older kids can train, too, along with women’s-only options.

The gym is open seven days a week, so if you’re ready to train often, this gym has what you need.

Octagon MMA

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Mixed Martial Arts
  • Location: 124 Leslie St, Dallas, TX 75207
  • Coaches: Rafael Lang, Ryan Benoit, Eric Schambari

Octagon Martial Arts Studio is a top-notch MMA gym in Dallas, Texas.

This gym is home to a team of world-class coaches, including Rafael Lang, a 4th Degree Black Belt and Middleweight world champion, Ryan Benoit, a professional competitor since 2009, and Eric Schambari, a 3rd Degree Black Belt.

The gym offers a variety of martial arts classes, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and even Yoga.

This makes it an excellent place for those looking to diversify their training styles and get a rounded MMA experience.

Octagon MMA is not just about training fighters but also about its community.

It’s a place where you can build relationships with like-minded individuals and is kid-friendly, making it a great choice for families.

They offer seven days of free access to training for new members, which is a great way to try out the gym and see if it’s a good fit for you.

What sets them apart is their commitment to students. Coaches want to help you in your lifestyle to make better diet choices and more.

Octagon MMA is a place where you can learn, grow, and conquer in many areas of your life.

Mohler MMA

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Mixed Martial Arts
  • Location: 2909 Canton St Suite B, Dallas, TX 75226
  • Phone: (214) 738-0640

Mohler MMA is a unique mixed martial arts gym because it has a variety of martial arts programs that can enable you to become a very diverse fighter.

It was opened by Alex Mohler in 1993, with Professor Mohler’s passion for teaching fighters and his diverse experience in different disciplines.

There is tons of experience on offer here.

Not only is Professor Mohler a 4th-degree black belt in BJJ, but also a Kenpo Karate black belt, with 20 years of kickboxing experience and even 7 years of weapons training in Kali.

Alongside Mohler are specialist coaches for Boxing, Muay Thai, and Wrestling.

You can learn many of these disciplines from Alex and the coaching staff at this MMA gym, with classes throughout the week for adults and kids.

The gym equipment is excellent, with plenty of floor space and even a cage. I’d recommend trialing this gym to see why it’s so well-rated.

TITLE Boxing Club Uptown

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Boxing
  • Location: 4140 Lemmon Ave #275, Dallas, TX 75219
  • Phone: (214) 520-2964

TITLE Boxing Club Uptown is a Boxing club specializing in fitness Boxing workouts. It’s worth saying upfront that this gym heavily focuses on the fitness and workout aspect of martial arts.

They offer Boxing and Kickboxing classes that help you build your cardio and efficiency and lose weight. Because of that, you might not get the ultimate skill development here.

This is still a highly-rated Boxing gym in the Dallas uptown area. You can be confident you’ll get an amazingly effective workout in a high-quality environment.

This is not just one gym but a chain across the USA, meaning you can expect a certain standard. Your membership might be beneficial if you were a traveling nomad across the US!

Before you start a full membership, you can try a trial class to ensure they have the best class environment for what you want to achieve.

If you already have some Boxing and Kickboxing experience, this could be a great option to keep your fitness level very high.

It could be good if you’re a beginner or want to lose weight. Just make sure you’re getting proper skills instruction.

Soul Fighters Highland Park

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Location: 7035 Greenville Ave #101a, Dallas, TX 75231
  • Phone: (214) 551-5468

Soul Fighters is another gym on this list that focuses on BJJ. They notably have Jiu-Jitsu classes suitable for ages from as young as 3 up to 15, and then adults.

If you have a family and are looking to help yourself and your family train Jiu-Jitsu throughout life, this could be an excellent option.

Tiny Soul Fighters classes for ages 3-6, Kids BJJ Fundamentals covers ages 7-12, and BJJ for Teens covers 13-15.

Both kids and adults can benefit from the BJJ programming focusing on health, self-defense, and building confidence.

Soul Fighters serve BJJ practitioners around Greater Dallas, Highland Park, and Lake Highland.

If you are ready to make grappling and Jiu-Jitsu your way of life, try them out and see what’s in store.

Wolfpack Mixed Martial Arts

Our Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

  • Gym Type: Mixed Martial Arts
  • Location: 179 County Line Rd, Rockwall, TX 75032
  • Phone: (972) 804-6031

Wolfpack are an authentic MMA experience at heart. Their classes include the variety necessary to develop the disciplines of a true mixed martial artist.

You can expect Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, and even a dedicated MMA class to bring it all together.

The only downside is that the classes are predominantly held on weekday nights.

It makes it a good spot if you’re working nearby and are looking for something to replace the commute and learn some skills.

But for the truly dedicated, you might want more classes than this. Still, the Wolfpack is rated highly among its members.

They’re even very gracious in offering a free one-on-one coaching session and potentially learning from Coach Quaint “KO” Kempf, a Legacy and Bellator fighter with Wolfpack.

Not a bad spot to be learning in!

​George’s MMA & Boxing Gym

Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

  • Gym Type: Boxing / Mixed Martial Arts
  • Location: 612 Valley Ranch Pkwy S, Irving, TX 75063
  • Phone: (972) 977-5605

​George’s MMA & Boxing opened its doors in 1996 and was founded by George Prevalsky. George has over 30 years of martial arts experience, mostly including Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai arts.

Alongside George is Kevin Kildea, another seasoned martial artist. He began in Karate over 30 years ago, which then grew across many obscure styles like Jeet Kune Do, Hapkido, etc.

While there is plenty of talented instruction in the ways of the fist here, you can also partake in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling.

Classes span every art already mentioned, and most are available six days a week in the evenings.

This gym is all about producing high-quality fighters. Fighters like Armando Servin (Muay Thai) and Federico David Olivera (Boxing/MMA).

This is the kind of gym that isn’t flashy. It’s simple, just like a traditional Boxing gym. But you can guarantee that you will learn deep knowledge here in the arts of striking, at the very least.

While they are located a bit further out of Dallas, in Irving, it could be well worth the journey.

5 Elements Studio

Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

  • Gym Type: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Location: 2613 N Carroll Ave, Dallas, TX 75204
  • Phone: (214) 940-3445

5 Elements Studio considers itself the premier mixed martial arts gym in Dallas. Their rating might even show that they can live up to this claim.

This gym focuses on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with fitness kickboxing and Yoga also available.

At this gym, you’ll be training with Gerardo Mulas, a BJJ black belt awarded in 2018. In 2019 he became a silver and gold medallist at the IBJJF Dallas Open.

His unique blend of studies across healing movements in Yoga and somatic understanding, with his experience in BJJ, Muay Thai, and others, make his programming particularly interesting.

You might want to choose this gym if the blend of martial arts elements is appealing to you, with the majority focus on Jiu-Jitsu.

5 Elements has BJJ and broader martial arts classes for kids of various ages.

Adults can also build their abilities and integral strength through Gi and No-Gi classes.

Brazilian Top Team North Dallas

Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

  • Gym Type: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Location: 670 N Coit Rd #2373, Richardson, TX 75080
  • Phone: (214) 498-7437

Brazilian Top Team North Dallas was established in 2016 and the original Brazilian Top Team (BTT) at the millennium by Murilo Bustamante.

Their passion through BTT is to spread the teachings of BJJ in Dallas and provide a family-friendly environment for learning and improving yourself.

BTT brings the studies and passion straight from its source in Brazil to spread the methods to new students.

You’ll be learning from a well-experienced coaching staff. Leading the tuition is Professor Leonardo Machado, a black belt since 2011 awarded by Ricardo Marques.

His experience of over 18 years and his activity in competitions make Machado an excellent coach to learn from. Alongside, there are black belts Coach Larry Carara and Coach Misty Verschoor.

If you want to learn BJJ from a lineage that pulls experience directly from Brazilian martial art roots, this could be the ideal option.

BJJ tuition is available here six days a week, including for kids of different ages, No-Gi, fundamentals, and open mat.

Hicks MMA

Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

  • Gym Type: Mixed Martial Arts
  • Location: 1500 W Hebron Pkwy Ste 104, Carrollton, TX 75010
  • Phone: (214) 760-6911

Hicks MMA is a martial arts school that offers Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. They opened in 2007, so they have a long history of providing tuition for aspiring martial artists.

The teaching staff has over 10 years of experience in either Boxing or Jiu-Jitsu to provide quality instruction.

Hicks is based pretty far north of central Dallas, but we’ve included it in this list with the high rating and the fact that you might live nearby.

You should consider trying them out if you’re in the Carrollton area.

This kind of gym is well-targeted for beginners and families who want an enjoyable learning experience, boost their fitness, and create stronger self-confidence.

They mainly offer a “Fast Pass” membership, giving you 90 days of access to over 60 weekly classes.

They’ll help you create a schedule for your training with the classes around your availability. After 90 days, you can decide if you want to continue training with them.

Rojas Muay Thai

Our Rating: ★★★★ 4/5

  • Gym Type: Muay Thai
  • Location: 3342 Broadway Blvd #102, Garland, TX 75043

Rojas Muay Thai is a Muay Thai specialist gym that brings together the experience of the husband-and-wife team Kru Alvaro Rojas and Kumu Vanessa Rojas.

Kru Alvaro Rojas has fought across America and Canada, becoming the IKF Super Welterweight Champion in 2005 and the TBA Welterweight Champion in 2007.

Classes are all centered around Muay Thai but with variations like the Thai:30 class to get in a fast workout and even women’s empowerment and kids classes.

They even participate in the Youth Development League (USMF), so their young fighters can challenge themselves.

The methods taught here are about H.E.A.R.T. Health, Empowerment, Affirmation, Respect, and Tenacity.

Muay Thai is a martial art that prioritizes what it means to respect yourself and your opponent.

These values will be ingrained into you here, and rightly so. An ideal gym to choose if you want to absorb Muay Thai skills and values, especially if you live in the Garland area.

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