The Best Hand Wraps for MMA

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Your MMA training can hit a dead end as a result of injuries if you overlook the importance of hand wraps. You need the best hand wraps for MMA to prevent injuries when striking towards your opponent and blocking kicks directed towards you.

The market has plenty of options to choose from. Below is a list of the best picks. Also, I’ve added a comprehensive buying guide to help you invest wisely.

How to choose hand wraps for MMA

Choosing the right wraps for your MMA can be confusing. The factors you need to consider before you invest in a hand wrap for MMA include:


The materials determine the durability and comfort you’ll get from your wraps. Cotton is soft, and allows you to feel comfortable when striking. Moreover, it is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Stretching materials reduce pressure on your hands, so you can consider elastic materials such as cotton. If you are not on a budget, linen materials are perfect but more costly.

Another important factor that you’ll need to consider is the material’s durality. Most stretching wraps will last for a shorter time than the non-stretching types because of flexing. 


Large hands require long wraps for effective wrapping and proper protection. Brands have sizing charts where you choose the best fit for wrapping.

Ease of use

This narrows down to how you close the wrap to fit it  well. There is the hook and loop system, tape and gauze closure, and finally, the Velcro system. The hook and loop system is simpler to use than the tape and gauze loser, which requires guidelines to get it right. 


The hand wraps are relatively cheap and depending on your budget, you’ll get a good hand wrap that’s suitable for you. Always check the specifications and invest wisely for better outcomes.

The common mistakes when using hand wraps

Remember that blood circulation is key. Some of the key mistakes to avoid with hand wraps include:

Tightly wrapping the knuckles, fingers, thumb, and wrist

Once you’ve wrapped your hands and shortly notice a change in color, it indicates you’ve wrapped too tightly to the extent of cutting off the blood flow. Simply remove the wrap immediately and wrap again, ensuring the blood flow remains in circulation.

Loose wrapping

You will lose the needed protection around your knuckles and wrists if your wraps are loose, defeating the point of wearing them. Tighten the wraps without blocking blood flow and experience smooth training.

Finishing the wrap the wrong way

Depending on the wraps’ closure system, you can tell the correct side by straightening the wrap. If you want to save time, try out the wrap to determine its right side. If the Velcro is upside down, then change it to wrap it  correctly.

Not wrapping around the thumb

Forgetting to wrap the thumbs is common for beginners and intermediate levels. The thumb keeps the wrap in place and ensures you don’t loosen your hand wrap when training. You’ll also need to close and open your fist during the wrapping process to feel the changes and blood flow.

What causes bruises after MMA training?

Bruises on the knuckles can be disastrous, and the main cause is wrapping the hands incorrectly. Check the size of the hand wraps before purchase. As mentioned before, the right length will ensure a better fit and thus proper protection

Review of the five best hand wraps for MMA

After researching for hours and comparing a variety of hand wraps for MMA, I’ve narrowed down to the best selling hand wraps on the market to give you a breakdown of the pros and cons of each.

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves for Punching

I believe in quality, and that is why I personally picked RDX hand wraps inner gloves. They are made from a high-quality neoprene material to last for ages. Besides, the materials resist heat and remain comfortable during MMA.

I liked  x-foam-padded slab that distributes heavy force uniformly across the surface and protects you against nasty blows.

A silicone dotted grip in the gloves’ inner section guarantees protection of all the parts prone to injuries. This means you can use the hand wraps inner gloves for extra practice in the gym, and in sports such as boxing, and Muay Thai, among others.

Forget about the loose wraps on the market as this type  has a quick EZ hook-and-loop closure with  a long strap to guarantee wrist stability and comfort.

Better still, this is a slip on glove that’s appropriate for all levels of trainers because they don’t have to learn how to wrap their hands.

Lastly, the open palm design promotes airflow and prevents the wraps from sliding off by encouraging a stronger grip.


  • The long wrist support reduces pressure when you have the wraps for long hours.
  • The hook and loop closure system ensures the hand wraps inner gloves stay firm to your hands when training.
  • Wraps are versatile for Muay Thai, boxing, and gym hence a great value for investment.
  • It has an inner form grip section that protects your arm against injury.


  • The type is too big to fit inside a standard MMA glove.

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Hand wraps

Twins is a high-quality set of MMA hand wraps for trainers who want the best outcomes during MMA training. The wraps come in 15 colors, allowing you to choose the color that boosts your training mood and atmosphere.

It is durable since it’s constructed from high-quality non-elastic cotton. Therefore, you can tighten them and stop stressing about loose hand wraps. Moreover, soft cotton promotes comfort during the entire MMA session.

Each hand wraps is five meters, thus sufficient to wrap the entire wrist, knuckles and fingers for small and large hand users. Additionally, the thumbhole on the wraps provides additional security.

I found the pair fairly priced and a good option for beginners who are ready to start training. Also, it has a non-stretch type that classic boxers might be more used to. Sometimes beginners find it hard to use the non-stretch hand wraps.


  • Made from no-stretchy cotton and perfect for experienced users who train heavily
  • Five meters of each hand wrap means you have enough for full wrapping.
  • Soft and comfortable for extended hours of usage
  • It comes with a thumb hole for stress-free wrapping and the prevention of sliding off when in use.


  • Not perfect for beginners who don’t know how to wrap properly

Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

Are you on a budget but still searching for a pair of hand wraps that will meet your MMA training demands? Well, the Ringside Mexican Style is a budget friendly pair of wraps that will not drain your pockets. 

First,  I liked the variety of color options that  allow you to pick the one that you like most and hit the training more confidently.

It is 180 inches long and made of elastic cotton blend materials . This material fits easily, offering optimal support during your training sessions. Elasticity promotes blood flow as well.

I liked the loop and hook closure system which saves time when you enat to put it on and remove during MMA . Also, the wraps have a thumb loop design to stay firm on your hands. 

The pair is easy to clean and comes with a hand wrap wash bag. If you want to save money on this purchase, you can pick five pairs and buy in bulk.


  • Made from quality and elastic cotton for durability and firm fitting
  • Easy to wear and remove due to the hook and loop closure system with the thumb design
  • Easy to clean after use since it comes with a wash bag
  • Perfect for beginners due to the lightweight construction and elasticity for firm fitting
  • At 180 inches, the length is good for a complete cover.


  • Made from thin materials 

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

Similar to the Ringside Mexican, the Everlast hand wraps also promotes ease of use. The hook and loop closure system guarantees a secure fit, allowing you to use it for long hours.

What I liked about these hand wraps is that the Ever fresh treatment fights bacteria and eliminates odor. This sets it above its competitors and ensures you remain comfortable after long hours of use.

You have a size chart to choose from to guarantee accurate fittings. Additionally, there are ten colors to select from, allowing you to pick a color that impresses you the most.

These quality wraps are made from a polyester/nylon blend material to prevent water entry and enhance breathability for added comfort.


  • There is a sizing chart for you to choose your perfect fit.
  • The ten color options mean you’ll pick what you like the most
  • The Ever fresh treatment means you’ll eliminate bad odor and bacteria from your wraps
  • Breathable and durable due to the polyester/nylon blend material


  • It is constant when compared to the rest with similar features.

Fairtex Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps

Fairtex is a leading brand in manufacturing MMA gear. The Fairtex Elastic is made of stretchable cotton. Therefore, it is very flexible for an easy fit. It is also durable and will last you for ages.

The pair comes in two sizes; 180 inches and 120 inches. Both of these sizes are long enough to meet the needs of different MMA fighters. It comes in a variety of colors, letting you pick the one you like most.

Additionally, the hand wraps’ elastic nature allows you to tie them correctly. If you are a beginner, this video guide will help you save time by teaching you how to tie your hand wraps for an MMA session.

Finally, the Fairtex has a greater quality than the Ringside, which will ensure years of use. 


  • It comes in a pair with 120 and 180 inches wraps for a perfect fit.
  • Stretchy design to promote breathability and comfort when in use
  • Unisex design allowing both genders to utilize them effortlessly
  • Easy to put on and remove


  • It may take a few sessions to get used to the elasticity of these wraps and get the right tightness for you


The top pick has to be the Everlast Professional Hand Wraps. I liked its high-quality nylon and polyester material since it promotes breathability and protects you during MMA training sessions.

It also has the Ever fresh treatment effective in removing odor and bacteria from your hand wraps. This feature is lacking in other competitors, which means you’ll have to put up with sweaty wraps that need washing regularly

Everlast hand wraps are lightweight, durable and ideal for all levels of training.