Ben Askren UFC Record: My Take on His Fighting Career

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As a longtime fan of mixed martial arts and the UFC, I’ve been following Ben Askren’s career closely since he joined the organization back in 2019. In this article, I’ll be sharing my take on his UFC record, analyzing his wins, losses, and overall performance.

Askren has had a mixed bag of results in the UFC, with some impressive wins and some tough losses. However, his unique fighting style and larger-than-life personality have made him a fan favorite and a notable figure in the sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Askren has had a mixed record in the UFC, with notable wins and losses.
  • His unique fighting style and personality have made him a fan favorite.
  • We’ll be analyzing his UFC career in depth in the following sections.

Ben Askren’s Background and Early Career

Before joining the UFC, Ben Askren had already made a name for himself in the world of mixed martial arts. With a record of 18-0, he was considered one of the top welterweights outside of the UFC.

Askren started his wrestling career at a young age and became one of the best collegiate wrestlers in the United States. He was a two-time NCAA Division I National Champion and a four-time All-American.

After college, Askren pursued a career in MMA and quickly rose through the ranks in various promotions. He became the Bellator welterweight champion, defending his title four times.

Notable Fights

One of Askren’s most notable fights outside of the UFC was his matchup against Japanese MMA legend Shinya Aoki. Askren won the bout via TKO in the first round.

Another memorable fight was his rematch against Douglas Lima in Bellator. Askren won the bout via unanimous decision, avenging his only loss at the time.

Askren’s impressive record and dominant performances caught the attention of the UFC, and he eventually signed with the organization in 2018.

Ben Askren’s UFC Debut and Initial Success

When Ben Askren first stepped into the Octagon at UFC 235, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the former Bellator and ONE Championship welterweight champion. As someone with an undefeated record, many wondered how he would fare against the elite fighters in the UFC.

Despite some early struggles in his debut fight against Robbie Lawler, Askren was able to secure a controversial submission victory in the first round. From there, he went on to defeat Jorge Masvidal via controversial split decision, and then record a unimpressive but nonetheless dominant victory over Demian Maia.

At this point, Askren had amassed an impressive 19-0 record and was looking like a legitimate contender for the welterweight title.

Breaking Down Askren’s Wins

While Askren’s initial UFC victories were marred by controversy, they were nonetheless impressive in their own right. Against Robbie Lawler, Askren was able to weather a brutal beating in the early stages of the fight, before securing a bulldog choke that Lawler argued was a premature stoppage.

Against Jorge Masvidal, Askren was able to secure a takedown early and control the majority of the fight from top position. However, Masvidal rallied in the third round and landed a brutal flying knee to secure the knockout victory, which many believe was one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history.

Against Demian Maia, Askren was able to earn a decision victory despite not doing much in terms of offense. Instead, he was content to control the fight from top position and ride out the clock, frustrating Maia and earning the win.

Overall, Askren’s initial UFC run was successful, but it was also marred by controversy and lackluster performances. As he continued to compete in the UFC, he would face greater challenges and struggle to maintain his undefeated record.

Challenges and First UFC Loss

Ben Askren’s UFC journey had been mostly smooth sailing until he faced his biggest challenge yet – Jorge Masvidal. At UFC 239, Askren was fast becoming the crowd favorite to win, but Masvidal had other plans. Within just 5 seconds of the first round, Masvidal landed a flying knee that knocked Askren out cold. It was the fastest knockout in UFC history and a devastating loss for Askren.

I believe that Askren’s loss to Masvidal was not just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Askren had been overly reliant on his wrestling in previous fights, and this predictable approach gave Masvidal the opportunity to counter with his striking. Additionally, Askren had underestimated Masvidal’s power and striking ability. This miscalculation cost him the fight and ended his unbeaten streak.

What I Thought About Askren’s Reaction

“I’m disappointed. I was expecting better from Ben,” I said in an interview with ESPN. “He’s a great fighter, no doubt, but his over-reliance on his wrestling and underestimation of his opponents’ striking ability is something he needs to work on.”

Askren’s reaction to his loss was admirable. He owned up to his mistakes and did not make any excuses. He acknowledged Masvidal’s impressive performance and graciously accepted defeat. I believe that this attitude is a testament to Askren’s character and sportsmanship.

Ben Askren’s Comeback and Redemption

After my disappointing loss to Jorge Masvidal, many people thought my UFC career was over. But I was determined to bounce back and prove them wrong. My next fight was against Demian Maia, a highly respected opponent in the welterweight division. It was a tough matchup, but I was able to secure a victory by unanimous decision.

My next fight was against Robbie Lawler, who was known for his devastating power and striking ability. In the first round, Lawler picked me up and slammed me to the ground, which could have easily ended the fight. But I was able to survive and get back to my feet. In the second round, I was able to secure a controversial submission victory, which some people felt was an early stoppage by the referee.

My final fight in the UFC was against Demian Maia in a rematch. This time, I was able to finish him with strikes in the third round, solidifying my comeback and redemption in the organization.

Notable UFC Fights and Memorable Moments

Looking back at Ben Askren’s UFC career, there were several fights that stood out as particularly impressive or memorable. One such fight was his matchup against Robbie Lawler at UFC 235. In this fight, Askren survived an early scare and was able to secure a controversial submission victory in the first round. The win propelled him up the welterweight rankings and solidified his status as a legitimate contender.

Another notable fight was Askren’s clash with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239. This fight was over in just five seconds, as Masvidal landed a devastating flying knee that knocked Askren out cold. Although it was a devastating loss for Askren, the spectacle of the knockout and the subsequent fallout generated a lot of buzz and attention for both fighters.

Askren’s fight with Demian Maia at UFC Singapore was also a noteworthy moment in his career. Despite being known primarily for his wrestling, Askren showed off his grappling skills in this fight, engaging in some exciting exchanges with Maia on the ground. Although he ultimately lost a close decision, Askren’s performance earned him a lot of respect from fans and fellow fighters alike.

The Impact of These Fights

Overall, these fights and others like them helped shape Ben Askren’s legacy in the UFC. While he didn’t have a particularly long or dominant run in the organization, his unique fighting style and magnetic personality made him a fan favorite and a memorable figure in the sport. Whether you loved him or hated him, there’s no denying that Askren’s time in the UFC left a lasting impression.

Analysis of Ben Askren’s Fighting Style

Ben Askren is known for his exceptional wrestling skills and ground game in the UFC. His ability to take down opponents and control them on the ground has made him a formidable opponent in the welterweight division.

However, his striking abilities have been criticized by some, with many arguing that he lacks the striking prowess of other top welterweights in the division. Nonetheless, Askren’s grappling skills have been a defining feature of his fighting style, allowing him to nullify opponents’ striking abilities and dominate them on the ground.

Askren’s ground-and-pound technique has also been a significant factor in his success in the UFC. He has demonstrated his ability to inflict damage and finish fights while on the ground, making him a well-rounded fighter.

Despite his formidable skillset, Askren’s fighting style has also been criticized for its risk-averse nature. He has been accused of playing it safe, opting for takedowns and ground control over taking risks and going for finishes.

Overall, Ben Askren’s fighting style is defined by his exceptional wrestling skills and ground game, making him a formidable opponent in the UFC. While his striking abilities may not be on par with other top welterweights, his grappling skills and ground-and-pound technique have made him a highly successful fighter.

Ben Askren’s Legacy in the UFC

Ben Askren may not have had the longest UFC career, but his impact on the welterweight division and the sport of MMA as a whole cannot be denied. With a final UFC record of 1-2, some may argue that his legacy is tarnished, but I believe that his contributions to the sport go beyond just his win-loss record.

One of the most notable aspects of Askren’s legacy is his unique and effective wrestling style. He was a two-time NCAA wrestling champion and a member of the U.S. Olympic wrestling team, and he brought that expertise to the Octagon. He holds the record for the most takedowns in a single UFC fight and his grappling skills were truly a sight to behold.

Another aspect of Askren’s legacy is his willingness to take risks and fight anyone, anywhere. He was not afraid to call out big-name opponents or take on challenging matchups. This mentality earned him respect from both fans and fellow fighters and helped him stand out in a crowded welterweight division.

Finally, Askren’s legacy is also tied to his memorable fights and moments in the UFC. His quick submission victory over Robbie Lawler, his controversial loss to Jorge Masvidal, and his intense and emotional retirement speech after his final fight are just a few examples. These moments have solidified his place in UFC history and have endeared him to fans around the world.

In conclusion, while Ben Askren’s UFC record may not be perfect, his impact on the sport of MMA and the welterweight division cannot be ignored. His unique wrestling style, willingness to take risks, and memorable fights have cemented his place in UFC history and will inspire future generations of fighters.


Overall, Ben Askren’s UFC record is a mixed bag. While he had some impressive wins and showcased his skills as a wrestler, his performance in the Octagon was also marred by some losses and setbacks.

Despite his early success in the UFC, Askren faced numerous challenges along the way. His first loss in the organization was a tough pill to swallow, but he showed resilience by bouncing back with two consecutive wins.

One of the most notable aspects of Askren’s fighting style is his wrestling prowess. He has the ability to control his opponents on the ground and wear them down over time. However, his striking game is not quite as strong and has been a point of criticism.

In terms of his legacy in the UFC, Askren will be remembered as a talented wrestler and a tough competitor. While he did not achieve the same level of success as some other welterweight greats, he still made a lasting impact on the sport.

Overall, my take on Ben Askren’s UFC record is that he had a respectable career with both impressive wins and tough losses. He may not have been the flashiest fighter, but his wrestling skills and competitive spirit made him a force to be reckoned with in the Octagon.


Q: What is the content of Section 1?

A: Section 1 provides an overview and analysis of Ben Askren’s UFC record. It discusses his wins, losses, and overall performance in the UFC.

Q: What is the content of Section 2?

A: Section 2 explores Ben Askren’s background and early career before joining the UFC. It discusses his accomplishments and notable fights in other promotions.

Q: What is the content of Section 3?

A: Section 3 focuses on Ben Askren’s UFC debut and his initial success in the organization. It highlights his winning streak and notable victories.

Q: What is the content of Section 4?

A: Section 4 discusses the challenges Ben Askren faced in the UFC, including his first loss in the organization. It analyzes the factors that contributed to his defeat.

Q: What is the content of Section 5?

A: Section 5 focuses on Ben Askren’s comeback after his first loss and his subsequent victories. It highlights his resilience and determination to bounce back.

Q: What is the content of Section 6?

A: Section 6 explores some of Ben Askren’s notable UFC fights and memorable moments in his career. It discusses his matchups against respected opponents and highlights standout performances.

Q: What is the content of Section 7?

A: Section 7 analyzes Ben Askren’s fighting style and techniques. It discusses his strengths, weaknesses, and how his approach has impacted his UFC record.

Q: What is the content of Section 8?

A: Section 8 discusses the overall legacy of Ben Askren in the UFC. It evaluates his impact on the sport, his contributions to the welterweight division, and his lasting influence.

Q: What is the content of Section 9?

A: Section 9 summarizes the key points discussed in the article and provides a concluding perspective on Ben Askren’s UFC record. It reflects on his accomplishments, challenges, and overall contribution to the sport.